Viridian Notes 401-450


  • 00401: British Blowback. [Attention Conservation Notice: a fully annotated version of a rather silly British newspaper story about Pentagon climate-change speculations.]
  • 00402: Metropolis Editorial. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's a magazine editorial that you should have been reading in the actual magazine.]
  • 00403: Przwalski Chernobyl. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's about rare ancestral horses now thriving around Chernobyl.]
  • 00404: Car Ergonomics. [Attention Conservation Notice: I found this article to be witty, insightful and delightful, but then again, I just bought a hybrid electric Honda Civic with a highly unorthodox instrument panel.]
  • 00405: America's Radioactive Involuntary Parks. [Attention Conservation Notice: wonk-speak written in an august, fully peer-reviewed science magazine.]
  • 00406: Viridian Aromatizer. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's another in our long series of Viridian Design Contests.]
  • 00407: Aromatizer Contest. [Attention Conservation Notice: Contest entries are tumbling in at an unheard-of rate. I am pitchforking them out in short order, lest they heap up and begin to smell.]
  • 00408: Clouds of Scent. [Attention Conservation Notice: Even more rapidly accumulating entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest. Special bonus non-sequitur: lots of astonishing pictures from NASA.]
  • 00409: Green Social Software. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's a stirring call to arms from people who have called to the American population into the righteous streets for, oh, forty years or something. Also includes yet, even lots more, wordy, ingenious entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest.]
  • 00410: Sterling Book Tour. [Attention Conservation Notice: Who cares about some author out on the road promoting some new novel. Contains some more entries on the Viridian Aromatizer Contest.]
  • 00411: The NRDC's Long Memory. [Attention Conservation Notice: A long, painstaking, one might even say nitpicking, list of outrages that the NRDC assembled for Earth Day 2004. Also includes more entries for the Viridian Aromatizer Contest.]
  • 00412: Hunger. [Attention Conservation Notice: Grim, scary, involves one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There are no new entries in the Viridian Aromatizer Contest even though it ends in three days. Last chance, people.]
  • 00413: Aromatizer. [Attention Conservation Notice: Contains the last entries allowed in the contest.]
  • 00414: The Reek. [Attention Conservation Notice: Contains two newspaper articles that got a lot of press attention but probably less than they should. Also announces winner of the Viridian Aromatizer Contest.]
  • 00415: Doom Is Nigh. [Attention Conservation Notice: Spooky, disconcerting, contrarian, and goes on and on and on.]
  • 00416: Enron on Tape. [Attention Conservation Notice: Americans, these people put your President into office. Californians, you lost a governor over this, not to mention a whole, whole lot of your money.]
  • 00417: Live from Croatia. [Attention Conservation Notice: I'm in Croatia trying to clean up a backlog of files. Not too well organized, but, well, I've been busy elsewhere.]
  • 00418: Notes from High Ground. [Attention Conservation Notice: I was in Colorado at this event, and discussing a book that I'm writing on design. Okay, it's a big pamphlet. But it will have some new ideas in it.]
  • 00419: Wonder Bug. [Attention Conservation Notice: continues the long-term Viridian obsession with micro-organisms and their applications.]
  • 00420: Viridian Toilet Humor. [Attention Conservation Notice: We Viridians don't normally dabble in bathroom humor, but these peculiar snippets were assembled by a curator we know who works for the Guggenheim Museum. This is more than toilet humor – this is, like, toilet art.]
  • 00421: The Virtual Actual. [Attention Conservation Notice: I'm keynoting SIGGRAPH in a few days, so I'm getting up to speed on all things virtual. None of the stuff in this Note is really working yet, but, being a futurist, that's why I'm interested.]
  • 00422: The Spime. [Attention Conservation Notice: the Pope-Emperor trouts out his latest hobbyhorse for the delectation of the end-using masses.]
  • 00423: Photovoltaic Display Screen. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's a wacky, overpriced solar-power knickknack, but every red-blooded Viridian is bound to want one.]
  • 00424: Korean Involuntary Park. [Attention Conservation Notice: Full of daffy local color, but from a widely known New York publication.]
  • 00425: Hurricanes vs Phones. [Attention Conservation Notice: None.]
  • 00426: Foot Augmentation.. [Attention Conservation Notice: time-consuming links to bizarre curiosities that may well make a Segway look as practical as a can-opener. You probably shouldn't have read that last Viridian Note, the one that came without any Attention Conservation Notice.]
  • 00427: Six Viridian Years. [Attention Conservation Notice: There is so much going on here that even I can't pay attention to it..]
  • 00428: Anybody but Americans. [Attention Conservation Notice: This may be the last Viridian Note you read this year, because I'm wintering in Belgrade, Serbia. Once I'm teaching design in Pasadena, however, you can expect all Viridian hell to break loose.]
  • 00429: Visionary Contest. [Attention Conservation Notice:There's been very little Viridian traffic lately. That will change soon. This is an excellent opportunity to resign from the list if email has you overwhelmed. Also, there is a new Viridian Design Contest afoot with a particularly attractive prize.]
  • 00430: Goodbye, Cruel World. [Attention Conservation Notice:so colossally grim
    that it's exhilirating.]
  • 00431: Lord Oxburgh. [Attention Conservation Notice:Go thou and do likewise, and sin no more.]
  • 00432: Ten Gallons of Kyoto. [Attention Conservation Notice:This is impossible for human beings to read. Yet I read it all, I really did. I might have made it to the end without unconsciousness ensuing, but it was written by Canadian policy wonks.]
  • 00433: Treehugger. [Attention Conservation Notice:Offers actual pay and publication room to qualified people who like to write about Viridian topics.]
  • 00434: EcoFurniture. [Attention Conservation Notice:Fab shopping opportunities could cost you a lot of money.]
  • 00435: Ukrainian Coal Mayhem. [Attention Conservation Notice:Involves a whole lot of Ukrainians.]
  • 00436: Viva California. [Attention Conservation Notice:lacks corruption-crazed coal-mining Ukrainians, features sun-dazzled Californians.]
  • 00437: Energy Security. [Attention Conservation Notice:contains blathering, barking Yankee political operatives.]
  • 00438: Delhian Doors of Perception. [Attention Conservation Notice:I didn't go to India. I bet a lot of you didn't, either. John Thackara,on the other hand, will charge right on over there, throw a big design event, and report at length afterward.]
  • 00439: The Archbishop of Canterbury. [Attention Conservation Notice:It's an enviro sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury.]
  • 00440: Ian McEwan. [Attention Conservation Notice:You may have never heard of critically acclaimed novelist Ian McEwan, and besides, his award-winning novels are grief-stricken, 'difficult,' depressing and British.]
  • 00441: Get a Job, Hippie. [Attention Conservation Notice:You may already have a job. This one may be better than the one you have, though. It's in Seattle.]
  • 00442: Redesigning Iowa. [Attention Conservation Notice:"Iowa." Where's that? Do they mean "Ohio"? We always get those confused.]
  • 00443: Spanish Wind Boom. [Attention Conservation Notice:Europeans who get rich from green energy can be almost as enviable and obnoxious as the oil-soaked Texan nouveau riche.]
  • 00444: Ecoimagination. [Attention Conservation Notice:If you don't consider this development a big deal, then you probably don't belong on this mailing list. Send me some email, I'll prune you off pronto.]
  • 00445: Green Design Debacles. [Attention Conservation Notice:Just because green technology is a swell idea doesn't mean that it's easy, or even that it works at all.]
  • 00446: Debating GE. [Attention Conservation Notice:Two green pundits, with radically different takes on matters, consider General Electric's newly announced green initiatives.]
  • 00447: Exxon Greenwash. [Attention Conservation Notice:Rehashes Exxon-Mobil's machinations at quite some length, but it's nice
    to have the details.]
  • 00448: Viridian Current Events. [Attention Conservation Notice:Following these links could consume a couple of days, maybe even a week.
  • 00449: The Mad Max Scenario. [Attention Conservation Notice:Could consume most of an afternoon in febrile handwringing and left-wing schadenfreude.]
  • 00450: Rude Calamity. [Attention Conservation Notice:May briefly deprive attention from the awesome fate of New Orleans.]