Viridian Notes 301-350


  • 00351: Decaying Media. [Attention Conservation Notice:It's really a "Dead Media Project" note disguised as a Viridian Note.]
  • 00352: Bug News. [Attention Conservation Notice:continues the long-standing Viridian obsession with single-celled organisms.]
  • 00353: Holiday Cheer. [Attention Conservation Notice:You can come over here for New Years and witness our renewably-powered Xmas display.]
  • 00354: Paging Thomas Gold. [Attention Conservation Notice:a note researched and written by Michael Semer, a Viridian who took the trouble to actually talk to Dr. Thomas Gold.]
  • 00355: More Biopshere Bugs. [Attention Conservation Notice:Science journalist Oliver Morton weighs in on the subject of strange new notions of single-celled life.]
  • 00356: The Year in Review. [Attention Conservation Notice:It's a political assessment of the past year in global affairs. Over 2,500 words. Might be considered somewhat contrarian as it is Canadian and fails to chew over the usual sets of shibboleths.]
  • 00357: Tomorrow Now Tour. [Attention Conservation Notice:The obligatory labor of stoking the starmaker machinery.]
  • 00358: Canberra in Flames. [Attention Conservation Notice:You'd think it would be a big "national security issue" if your capital city was on fire, but, oddly, nobody seems to spin it that way.]
  • 00359: Canberra Flames Subside. [Attention Conservation Notice:Various interested Viridian parties weigh in on the subject of the recent fires around the capital of Australia. Over 2,700 words. The earlier note was painful, ugly and scary, but this one is worse. Large numbers of dense, brain- clogging links.]
  • 00360: Venezuela's Curse. [Attention Conservation Notice:A FORTUNE magazine article points out that carbon mining has ruined Venezuela. But why wasn't this helpful tip delivered much earlier? And what about all those other formerly prosperous countries massively harmed by corrupt carbon domination in their centers of government? Not that we're naming any names.]
  • 00361: Beautiful Things. [Attention Conservation Notice: Could keep you websurfing for months on end.]
  • 00362: The Mood at Davos. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's charming personal gossip about the rich and powerful that the gossiper didn't intend for us to hear. So I feel kind of bad about letting on to it to 1,800+ people. On the other hand, Viridians need to hear this, so that you can go buy duct tape, survival weapons and bags of rice.]
  • 00363: SXSW Interactive. [Attention Conservation Notice: Involves free beer! You're invited!]
  • 00364: Pretty Butterflies. [Attention Conservation Notice: Deliberately makes no mention whatsoever of desert warfare, raging street protests, or giant thermobaric bombs.]
  • 00365: Pope Appears on Earth Day. [Attention Conservation Notice: News primarily of local Austin interest.]
  • 00366: Embrace the Decay Contest. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's yet another in a series of Viridian contests.]
  • 00367: Here Comes PlaNetwork. [Attention Conservation Notice: I really want to go and I can't, so you should go.]
  • 00368: More Involuntary Parks. [Attention Conservation Notice: Part of a flurry of Viridian Notes, as we catch up on backlog. This won't last long.]
  • 00369: Windpower '03. [Attention Conservation Notice: It's very windy.]
  • 00370: Embracing Decay. [Attention Conservation Notice: Finally, some contest entries.]
  • 00371: Hex on Exxon. [Attention Conservation Notice: it's political.]
  • 00372: Ted Saves the World. [Attention Conservation Notice: Lots of links.]
  • 00373: Microengines. [Attention Conservation Notice: Includes a party invite to the Viridian Vatican.]
  • 00374: Viridian Beer-Tasting. [Attention Conservation Notice: Announces winner of our latest contest. Wind-powered or no, excessive beer consumption can cause one to wreck large fossil-fueled vehicles.]
  • 00375: Mass Dieback. [Attention Conservation Notice: Probably the least satisfying "I told you so" experience that a Viridian might have.]
  • 00376: Europe Burns. [Attention Conservation Notice: Is the human race too stupid to live? This mayhem should be front-page news every day. 2,349 words of a whole continent in heavy weather.]
  • 00377: Viridian Commentary. [Attention Conservation Notice: Lengthy accounts by various interested Viridian parties on the morale- denting mayhem of weather violence. Almost 2,500 words.]
  • 00378: British Involuntary Park. [Attention Conservation Notice: Scarcely mentions the temperature breaking 100 degrees F in Britain, or the "carloads of dead" from the unnatural heat in Paris.]
  • 00379: Blackouts and Diebacks. [Attention Conservation Notice: Conflates a number of different Greenhouse phenomena into a 3,250-word screed. Grim, glum, scary, savagely partisan.]
  • 00380: So Long Mont Blanc. [Attention Conservation Notice: Likely to cause sensations of dread.]
  • 00381: Starvation. [Attention Conservation Notice: Nothing new about environmental activists hand-wringing over prospects of mass starvation. Kinda new to wonder if this might go from the unthinkable to a real-life truism in such short order, though.]
  • 00382: WaveFront Newsletter. [Attention Conservation Notice: includes the entire text of a lengthy, multiply-linked newsletter written by somebody else == a work that is annotated even further and festooned with extra, attention-hungry links.]
  • 00383: Silent Coup at EPA. [Attention Conservation Notice: Involves the increasingly noisome subject of domestic American politics.]
  • 00384: Climate Prediction Net. [Attention Conservation Notice: Software not available for Mac or Linux, so hapless climate predictors are likely to be wrecked at random intervals by Microsoft-based viruses and worms.]
  • 00385: Pope's Vacation Pix. [Attention Conservation Notice: is there anything in the world more boring than some guy showing you his vacation photos?]
  • 00386: House Party. [Attention Conservation Notice: Basically an invitation to drop by and drink beer. Lots of semi-random links.]
  • 00387: Australian Super Drought. [Attention Conservation Notice: Who cares about the miserable fate of doomed Australia? I'm going to Norway and Holland, starting tomorrow!]
  • 00388: The Eerie Revival of Dead Media. [Attention Conservation Notice: has nothing to do with environmental issues, even though a patch of California the size of Rhode Island is on fire.]
  • 00389: Beyond the Beyond Blog. [Attention Conservation Notice: yet more about the Pope-Emperor's non-Viridian activities; involves weblogs, notoriously an effort in which other people have to do all the work.]
  • 00390: Drowning in Mecca. [Attention Conservation Notice: New English-language news sources seem to care much that Mecca is briefly subaqueous.]
  • 00391: Another World is Here. [Attention Conservation Notice: You should definitely take the time to read this Note. This is good news of high importance to the Viridian scene.]
  • 00392: The Look of Tech Nouveau. [Attention Conservation Notice: Nice pics. Also includes a cheery invite to a Viridian Vatican party this weekend.]
  • 00393: More Look of Tech Nouveau. [Attention Conservation Notice: Nice pics. Leans heavily on a new Victoria and Albert Museum show and a spectacular new book by British-American design journalist Hugh Aldersey-Williams. Lots of links. Basically a huge primer on the kind of look the Viridian Movement most wants to promulgate. Could prove hugely time-consuming. You might spend the rest of your life living in stuff shaped like this.]
  • 00394: The Smart Energy Industry. [Attention Conservation Notice: of primary interest to clean energy wonks. Lots of irrelevant but entertaining links.]
  • 00395: Weather Futures Market. [Attention Conservation Notice: Concerns peculiar vagaries of contemporary capitalism; includes some mind-deadening biz-jargon.]
  • 00396: Jolly News for the New Year. [Attention Conservation Notice: Errs on the side of the life-affirming in a frank attempt to keep people's hopes up.]
  • 00397: Attention Conservation. [Attention Conservation Notice: Viridian List getting a bit meta here with a note about attention conservation. Also offers a lot of links to further prey on your time and ability to concentrate.]
  • 00398: Desperate Climate Remediation Schemes. [Attention Conservation Notice: Consists mostly of Viridian black humor about a well-meaning conference of Anglo-American wannabe climatic super-engineers. Includes the entire, heavily annotated text of a conference dot-pdf.]
  • 00399: Dead Nations on Internet. [Attention Conservation Notice: Darkly whimsical musings about the fate of the Pacific Island of Niue and its Internet domain.]
  • 00400: Viridian Weblogging. [Attention Conservation Notice: The Viridian Pope-Emperor has been traveling for weeks. This Note clears out a backlog of most any Viridian topic vaguely of interest. Could prove highly time-consuming.]