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Viridian Note 00476: Green Austin

Key concepts:
City of Austin, Texas; green companies, groups and policies
Attention Conservation Notice:
'm in Austin a few days, and can't help but look around a little.

(((Are you in Austin? How'd you like to come over to my house this Saturday night, Oct 14, and hang out with some science fiction writers? It's a meeting of the time-honored Turkey City Writer's Workshop. Nothing too strenuous; some literary gossip and beer. Send me email and I'll tell you how to get here.)))

(((A few choice highlights from the 02006 "Austin Environmental Directory." Austin isn't that big a city, but it sure packs enviros all out of proportion to its populace. Look at this swarm of builders, gardeners, solar installers, et al, all of them in a modest place which, years ago, was already declaring itself the Clean Energy Capital of the World. Wouldn't YOUR city like to be a clean energy capital? Well, get in line! And if all goes well, then someday, your Dirty Energy burg will also be crawling with colorful, symptomatic green-biz entities, more or less like these.)))

The Austin Environmental Directory on the web:

Various interestingly-named weatherization contractors:

A-Plus Energy
Airtech Blue Air
Climate Mechanical Integrity Energy Coatings Totally Cool Heating and Air

Geothermal heat pumps:

Climate Master Water Furnace


Good Company Associates
"Promoting Emerging Energy and Environmental Technologies through business development consulting and advocacy in Texas."

Green architecture

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Earth-sheltered Living

Barley and Pfeiffer, Comprehensive Sustainable Architecture

Thangmaker Strawbale and Earthfloors

Eco-Wise Environmental Remodeling

Sustainable Building Coalition


Eco-Creto pervious concrete

Cell-U-Insel Soy-Based Foam Spray Insulation

Crazy Paver Stone Mosaic recycled quarry waste:

Terra Green Ceramics


Environment Sensitive Pest Control Treatments

Solar installers

Armadillo Solar

Meridian Energy Systems

Solar Community

Texas Solar Power

Custom Solar Electric

"Need a little extra cash? If you have an old refrigerator or freezer you need to get rid of, Austin Energy has a proposal for you. We'll pick up your old appliance, make sure it gets recycled properly, and PAY YOU $35! It's that simple. No fuss. No delivery charges. No trips to the landfill. We'll take care of everything."

Ecology Action of Texas

City of Austin Household Hazardous Waste Programs


CLEAN Air Force of Central Texas

Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition

Texas Solar Energy Society

Environment Texas

Texas Campaign for the Environment

Recycling Alliance of Texas

Liveable City

Austin Eco Network

Native Plant Society of Texas Austin Chapter

Native Prairies Association of Texas


Useful Wild Plants of Texas

Wildflower Center

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