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Viridian Note 00444: Ecomagination

Key concepts: General Electric, multinational megacorporate sustainability

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Source: Terrawire

"GE to invest more in green technology" ((("GE defects to Greenhouse believers, Exxon-Mobil doomed")))

"WASHINGTON (AFP) May 09, 2005 "General Electric Co. announced plans Monday to double its investment in 'cleaner technologies' for energy, transportation and other areas in a major new environmental initiative.

(((Have a look at the way GE is slanting this. It's kind of brilliant, actually. Look how GE CEO J. Immelt actually transmutes, right on the web, into a green silhouette! Boy did that make me happy.))) Link:

(((Meanwhile, Exxon-Mobil attempts to cover their massively profiteering while still uttering not a word about climate change:)))

"GE, the world's biggest company in terms of market capitalization, (((ha ha ha, it's all downhill from here, tra la la))) called the announcement an 'initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges."

(((You know what's nice about GE? Unlike, say, Enron, GE can actually execute business plans! For instance, GE now owns Enron's wind power. You wonder how GE bought all that wind stuff for a song from the wreckage of a cratered company? Because they're NOT STUPID at GE, that's why!)))

"The company will invest 1.5 billion dollars annually on the research by 2010, up from the current level of 700 million dollars, aimed at developing new products and technologies. GE said it would also work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of its own operations and that of its customers."

(((Before you wax all Greenpeace and start griping, "Gosh, a mere one and a half billion sure isn't much compared to GE's bloated capitalist exploiter profits," consider that Exxon-Mobil spent only about eight million dollars and logjammed Kyoto with that for years on end.))) Links:

(((Meanwhile, the Swiss are swaddling their melting glaciers in a doomed attempt to save their tourism industry:))) Link:

(((What do you think will happen when the Swiss have to swaddle the glaciers at the Davos Forum? The Swiss have a lot of money. How much cash to you think it would take to hire the whores at Exxon's Competitive Enterprise Institute? For eight million dollars == (cheaper every year, given the decline of the dollar) == the Swiss could hire the Republican echo chamber themselves and put everyone in Exxon-Mobil under indictment.)))

"GE chairman Jeff Immelt, in a Washington speech, (((nice choice of venue, Jeff))) said the program is called 'ecomagination.' (((Kind of a clumsy coinage, but, well, I don't think Jeff hired any science fiction writers to invent his neologisms.)))

"'Ecomagination is GE's commitment to address challenges such as the need for cleaner, more efficient sources of energy, reduced emissions and abundant sources of clean water,' Immelt said. (((I want to see somebody come out against that on the floor of the US Congress.)))

"'And we plan to make money doing it. Increasingly for business, 'green' is green." (((It certainly is if the market says it is. If investors get the feeling that fossil companies are too "exposed" to the mayhem, all bets are off.))) Link: The Institutional Investor Summit on Climate Risk

"He said the company hopes to take in revenues of 20 billion dollars a year on these products by 2010, double the current level."

"Immelt said the initiative will include more environmentally friendly technology for wind and solar energy, hybrid locomotives, fuel cells, lower-emission aircraft engines, lighter and stronger materials, efficient lighting and water purification technology. (((I hope Amory Lovins is a happy guy today.)))

"The company has operations ranging from aircraft engines to insurance to film and broadcasting, and manufactures products ranging from light bulbs to medical scanners.

"'We will establish partnerships with our customers to tackle their most pressing environmental challenges and double our research spending to develop the products and services they need,' Immelt said. 'And we will use these technologies to improve our own energy efficiency and environmental performance.'

"Immelt was joined in his appearance at George Washington University by Jonathan Lash, president of the Washington-based World Resources Institute.

"'This is a hugely important step by one of the world's most important companies,' Lash was quoted as saying in a GE statement. (((He said that because it's true.)))

"'It is particularly encouraging that GE is focusing its research on cleaner technologies and making a serious, meaningful and accountable commitment to achieve stabilization of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.'

"'Other companies represented at the session were American Electric Power, Boeing, Canadian Pacific Railway, Cinergy, Delphi and Pardee Homes." (((I wonder where BP, Shell, and Xerox were. Oh well == they'll show up, they have to.)))

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