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Viridian Note 00436: Viva California

Key concepts:
Californian solar energy policy
Attention Conservation Notice:
lacks corruption-crazed coal-mining Ukrainians, features sun-dazzled Californians

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Hey wow, you can actually listen to a Texan energy company brazenly robbing Californians!


Source: Environment California
Posted by: Environment California - archive Posted on: Feb 28, 2005 @ 12:43 pm

"Schwarzenegger's Solar Power Promise Is Back
"Governor-backed Bill, SB 1, aims for a Million Solar Roofs in 10 Years, "Making California World's Solar Leader

"Sacramento – Governor Schwarzenegger officially announced language today aimed at achieving his Million Solar Roofs initiative and keeping the promise he made to California voters over a year ago. The language will become part of SB 1, a bi-partisan bill co-authored by Senators Murray (D-LA) and Campbell (R-Orange County).

"'Hands down, SB 1 is the biggest environmental bill of the year,' said Bernadette Del Chiaro, clean energy advocate with Environment California. "The Governor's solar promise, in the form of SB 1, will bring California cleaner air, greater energy independence, economic development and a self-sufficient solar market within a decade." (((You know what I like about solar? There aren't any 'weapons of mass solar destruction.' Admittedly, the energy comes from a giant hydrogen bomb, but the thing's 90 million miles away.)))

"Major elements of SB 1 are:

"Require the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to establish a new, ten-year-fund to provide rebates for 3,000 MW of solar photovoltaic systems on a million new and existing homes and businesses. The rebate will be required to decline each year and sunset in 2016 to help drive down prices and ensure a self-sufficient solar market in ten years. (((I know that sounds boring, but it's stuff like this that may yet save our bacon.)))

"Require all builders of large-scale single-family homes to offer solar power systems to homebuyers beginning in 2010. Industry research shows approximately 10% of California homebuyers will choose solar roofs when offered. California current builds around 1% of its homes with solar power. (((I wonder what happens if 90% of Californians suddenly think solar panels are a great idea.)))

"Raise the net metering cap – the ability for customers to receive a credit from their utility company for excess electricity generated by their solar system – from 0.5% of peak load to 2% and then an additional 5% after review by the PUC. (((Good luck getting the utilities to pay you – last thing I heard, the "pirate generators" were still sitting on a massive hoard of brazenly fleeced Californian money.)))

"Meanwhile, tomorrow in the state's capitol, Germany’Äôs top energy policy maker who has turned Germany into the world's second largest market for solar power will speak with California policy makers at a lunch briefing in the capitol about how California could become the world's solar energy leader. (((Sunnier than Europe.)))

Hermann Scheer, charismatic Eurosolar wonk on the loose in California

"'In Germany, we have found that solar power is beneficial to our overall economy, bringing new industry, jobs and stable electric rates,' said Dr. Hermann Scheer, member of the German Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe, and author of policies that have made Germany home to the world's second largest solar market, just behind Japan. 'I strongly encourage California to make a solar power commitment similar to Germany and Japan. With the amount of annual sunshine and rapid economic growth, California would easily become the global leader in the solar industry.'"

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