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Viridian Note 00433: Treehugger

Key concepts:
Treehugger website, product reviews, design writing, commercial demarginalization
Attention Conservation Notice:
Offers actual pay and publication room to qualified people who like to write about Viridian topics.

Entries in the Viridian Visionary Contest:

(((Okay, "Visionary in Residence" contestants, check this out: this week I am blogging the work of my students in the ACCD Index Futures class! Do you wonder what a "Visionary in Residence" at a design school actually does with his time and energy? Check it out!)))

(((Look at this. I am writing reviews for Treehugger. I didn't even get paid! I took it out in trade! Free solar review swag!)))

(((I urge Viridians to think seriously about writing for Treehugger – for the simple, pressing reason that Treehugger demarginalizes green stuff. REAL HUMAN BEINGS NEED TO ACTUALLY PURCHASE GENUINELY GREEN PRODUCTS. These wares frankly and baldly need to be promoted and sold, in vast, postindustrial quantities that this niche market has never yet achieved. You should help in this worthy effort, even if you DESPISE CAPITALISM and the effort DOES NOT MAKE YOU PERSONALLY RICH.)))

(((Besides which, I am an "eco/design savvy international writer," as you well know.)))

From: Graham Hill, Treehugger editor.

" looking for eco/design savvy international writers.

" is a new, rapidly growing blog that focuses on the modern+green lifestyle. See below for more.

"Must Haves:

  • excellent, informative, entertaining writing ability
  • modern design eye. excellent curatorial skills.
  • green design, eco-knowledge
  • self-motivation
  • research skills and desire
  • located in europe, asia, africa, central/south america
  • computer skills

Nice to Haves:

  • particular expertise in plants/gardening, design schooling, food, fashion and business
  • blogging experience
  • design or category-relevant education


  • part-time contract work
  • start within next month
  • $10/post plus bonuses. 1-4 posts/weekday.
  • telecommuting only


"Please pick 5 things that you think would be good TreeHugger posts. Send me small unzipped jpegs/gifs, corresponding links and a one liner for each on why the selection would be good for TreeHugger to graham at treehugger dot com. Check the following 2 sites for an understanding of the aesthetic (not enviro aspects) that I am after:

And check this page for what I am not after:

(((This hate page is the best Treehugger page ever! Check that out, and marvel!)))

"What is TreeHugger?

"TreeHugger is an online magazine/blog featuring 10+ posts/day on the modern+green lifestyle (design, architecture, fashion, food, travel, transportation etc..). Our aim is to help bring sustainability mainstream by aggregating the well designed products and services thereby making it convenient for you to shift your lifestyle in a greener direction. TreeHugger has or is being featured by CNN, Fortune, ReadyMade, 34 and the New York Times.

"Press Release

"TREEHUGGER. The future is green. Find it here.

"Who says saving the planet can't be sexy? Not us. Welcome to, a modern, design-savvy, online guide for people (like you!) who think that destroying the Earth is a bad idea. The site is the definitive modern-green filter, an e-zine that aims to improve the world around us by de-marginalizing the environmental movement while celebrating the convergence of environmental awareness and super-cool contemporary design.

"Updated daily, TreeHugger travels to the manufacturing facilities of Detroit, runways of London, furniture showrooms of New York, beaches of Sydney, villages of Africa, and bamboo forests of Asia to provide you with relevant news and information. With precise and witty contributors from around the globe, TreeHugger is more hip than hippy. We're a searchable showcase for ground-breaking design, services, furniture, fashions, architecture, vehicles, travel, food, and more.

"We know we can't shop our way to a greener planet, but we also know that everybody needs stuff. TreeHugger believes that people would shift their buying decisions if it were easy to access aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible products and services. That's one of the reasons we're here.

"We're also all for choosing second-hand items, minimizing purchases, recycling, and consuming long-lasting goods, but we also think we can do even better. Let's move on up the evolutionary ladder. Let's use Product Service Systems (PSS), whereby vendors provide the service of a product instead of a product itself, allowing us to use things without actually owning them. Let's go to a tool, car, or sports equipment 'library,' where we can check stuff out without having to deal with storage or repairs. The added bonus? By sharing stuff, we create less manufacturing and landfill waste.

"Referring to concepts like these, TreeHugger wishes to be a paradigm for the next industrial revolution – we believe that nurturing the environment, making a shift to renewable resources, and creating materials that can be infinitely recycled are all essential elements to avoiding a global energy crisis. At the same time, we know that digging through mountains of information just to buy a new chair is simply unrealistic. And so our goal is not only to help consumers easily shift their habits, but also to further educate designers, manufacturers, and retailers, because, hey, we're all in this together.

"We need to change and minimize materials, design in a timeless fashion, make things multi-functional/ durable/repairable, efficient, and easy to ship. We need to shop locally. We need products that biodegrade. We need to be more TreeHugger. We can do it.

"So who says saving the planet can't be sexy? You won't.

"TreeHugger is the brainchild of New York City-based Designpreneur Graham Hill. Other recent projects include a ceramic version of the ubiquitous 'We Are Happy To Serve You' paper coffee cup ( "He can be reached at"

++ graham hill

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