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Mecca, Ramadan, floods, obstreperous Saudi behavior at climate change accords, pilgrims drowning
Attention Conservation Notice:
Few English-language news sources seem to care much that Mecca is briefly subaqueous

News has been coming out of Brazil lately that is completely odd and off the map. Lula (and his peculiar culture minister, Gilberto Gil) are the most remarkable politicians today who aren't invading or shooting anybody.

Johnson Atoll, chemical warfare disposal site, to be returned to wilderness.

New supercomputer climate model spawns unexpected tiny typhoons.

(((It wasn't bad enough that Al Qaeda decided to blow up Mecca during this year's Ramadan.)))

(((They're also drowning. That's right, drowning from torrential rains inside Saudi Arabia. Happens all the time, eh? Eighteen feet of water in the spiritual center of Islam, yep, move right along, business as usual, nothing to notice here!)))


Source: Yahoo, AFP

"12 dead as torrential rains hit Mecca: medics

"RIYADH (AFP) == Torrential rains around the Muslim holy city of Mecca left 12 people dead, including six children, and 50 injured, Saudi medical sources said.

"The severe weather hit Mecca on Monday and water levels in some parts of the city reached six meters (20 feet), according to the medical sources.

"Earlier the Al-Jazeera daily had put the death toll from the flooding at seven dead and 48 injured.

"'The floods trapped students and employees and traffic came to a standstill in the Al-Zaher and Nuaraya neighbourhoods... and all over the city,' said the paper.

"Meanwhile, Mecca's ruler Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Aziz was quoted by Al-Watan daily as saying 'one person was killed when he was trapped in the flooding in one of Mecca's villages.'

"Although Saudi Arabia is one of the most arid countries in the world and includes the vast Rub al-Khali desert, or Empty Quarter, severe rainstorms are common in the mountainous region along the west coast."

(((Well, what goes around, comes around.)))

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