The Viridian Design Movement

Subject: Viridian Note 00386: House Party

Key concepts:
John Kessel, Viridian Vatican, Turkey City
Attention Conservation Notice:
Basically an invitation to drop by and drink beer. Lots of semi-random links.

(((Remember this from the last Viridian Note?)))

"1. A Viridian friend of a friend sent this portrait of Isobel while she was still at sea."

(((Well, it's an urban legend! It's phony baloney! Nice photo, but it's got nothing to do with Isobel! Man, it's tough to trust the "friend of a friend" on the Internet.)))

(((Okay, now some guy claims these are Isobel pictures from Baltimore. But are they really? Can you prove that?)))

Ross Gelbspan waxes wroth, names names.

Discordia wants you.

Man, that Murakami. What a cut-up.

Some seriously retinal-boggling optical illusion art here. Don't drive afterward.

The Renewable Energy Roundup is this weekend. I can't go. You should go if at all possible.

Check this out: there's a big, ambitious "Austin Green
Festival" next month, and I can't go to that either.

John Kessel is a science fiction writer and a good pal of mine. John is coming to Austin. We'll be discussing science fiction stories and drinking beer this Saturday. With some friends.

If you'd like to meet John Kessel, send me email and I'll tell you how and when to get to the Viridian Vatican on this Saturday night.

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