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Subject: Viridian Note 00385: Pope's Vacation Pics

Key concepts:
Washington DC, photojournalism, Hurricane Isobel, Viridian Pope-Emperor
Attention Conservation Notice:
is there anything in the world more boring than some guy showing you his vacation photos?

Link: Wow, look everybody! I've done a cool piece of electronic interactive multimedia web-accessible techno- literate digital! After all these years of hanging out on nettime list, I'm finally right in the game! Look out Ars Electronica!

By the way, you need Flash 6 and broadband for this thing, or, if you're on 56K dialup, get yourself a magazine to leaf through, or something.

"Embrace the Decay" by Bruce Sterling. Thank you stalwart creatives!

Jared Tarbell: Web Design, Programming, Typewriter
Duncan Stewart: Engineering, Digital Video
James Lawrence: Best Boy and Gaffer
Monty Zukowski: Decay Algorithms
David Arney: Systems Design Research
David Flanagan: Consulting Engineer
Eric Campdoras: Flash Programmer
Rex Ravenelle: Webmaster
Lisa Mark: Producer
and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

1. A Viridian friend of a friend sent this portrait of Isobel while she was still at sea.

2. But I went to Washington DC anyway. Looks like Washington is still Washington, hurricane or no.

3. My event was cancelled because of the storm. So I went over to the "Competitive Enterprise Institute," the globally notorious Greenhouse-denial tools of Exxon- Mobil. Surprise, the hurricane had closed them too!,6903,1046363,00.html

4. CATO Institute also denies the Greenhouse. They were in tree-crashing distance from my hotel.

5. Kind of a tough commute to the CATO office there, what with that big dead tree right on their street.

6. As soon as I took this pic of that wind-flung windowframe right on CATO's doorstep, that CATO janitor rushed out and picked it up and carried it inside.

7. The local arts community had to put their statuary in bondage, lest the winds carry them off a la Dorothy in Oz. Whoops, that pic is sideways. Oh well, those ropes will hold her down.

8. Kind of an ironic feminist statement here; maybe she was boldly applying for equal pay for equal work, or maybe this bulky gal is one o'them "Schwarzenegger Feminists."

9. The bondage ropes may leave, but those big concrete truckbomb barriers are the signature architectural motif of War-On-Terror Washington.

10. Live at the Washington Monument. One has to wonder why they didn't reverently take in all those flags.

11. After all, that's George Washington's monument.

12. When Washington finally won the Revolutionary War, the British band played "The World Turned Upside Down."

13. Who's minding the store?

14. Before I got into design, I probably wouldn't have noticed this strange lantern on the side of the Commerce Department that features bats and opium poppies. Maybe it's a gift from the Afghani Commerce Department!

14. Nice Commerce motto here... though, if you're working in fossil-fuel commerce, you're creating the winds and tempests as you "invade every zone."

15. The locals didn't look too pleased about the drenching sheets of rain.

16. Washington lost about 300 trees to Isobel. Of course that's nothing much compared to the fate of Annapolis.

17. Here I am making the scene at the White House during a hurricane. I probably shouldn't be enjoying myself quite that much, but, well, it was only a measly Category 2. Wait'll next time.

18. Front yard of the White House the morning after Isobel. Hey, great job with the forest preservation policy there!

19. The White House handily comes equipped with its own chain saws!

20. Meanwhile, back in dizzy old San Francisco, where Democrats cling to power by tooth and nail....

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