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Subject: Viridian Note 00384: Climate Prediction Net

Key concepts:
massively distributed climate prediction software
Attention Conservation Notice:
Software not available for Mac or Linux, so hapless climate predictors are likely to be wrecked at random intervals by Microsoft-based viruses and worms.

After too much grim political and environmental news on Viridian List lately, it's a delightful change of pace with some beautiful, encouraging, deeply constructive things!

Bioneers on the way at San Rafael!

"Eternally Yours" in Eindhoven. I'm going, and so is Brian Eno!

The "Bacteria Museum," a natural hit for all fans of cuddly Viridian mascot "Big Mike"!

Hey, that's a really nifty, uh, clock!

Young people in France not dead of heat; going nuts for flashmobs!

Noted architecture and design fan Adolf Hitler relaxes in his sumptuous Bavarian home!

First announced on Viridian List way back in 1999, the climate-predicting network would appear to be here at last!

Get yours now! Help real climate scientists grasp the worst! And they're British too, so they might even be allowed to talk to us about what they find out!

They are in fact working on a Linux port!

Just look at those noble souls, ladies and gentlemen! Of course you'll trust them with the entrails of your home PC!

Source: Planet Ark

"Huge Climate Experiment Starts Today - All Welcome"

UK: September 12, 2003

"MANCHESTER, England == A climate prediction experiment which is expected to involve two million people around the world and produce a probable forecast for the 21st century will be launched today. (((Yay!)))

"Anyone with a personal computer (((even Moslems and Republicans!))) can join the project and will be expected to conduct their own unique version of Britain's Met Office climate model, simulating several decades of the Earth's climate at a time.

"'Everybody gets their own model so they can do an interesting bit of research on their PC,' Dr Myles Allen, of the University of Oxford, told a British Association science conference on Thursday. (((What a mensch! Four solid years of work to boot that project! This Allen guy doesn't kid around! Kudos!)))

"The results of the experiment will be sent via the Internet. The simulations will be used to test different model versions and the results will be collated to predict the 21st century climate.

"'We can't predict which versions of the model will be any good without running these simulations, and there are far too many for us to run them ourselves,' said Allen.

"'Together, participants' results will give us an overall picture of how much human influence has contributed to recent climate change and the range of possible changes in the future,' he added.

"Allen said the program, which can be downloaded from, can run on an ordinary desktop or laptop computer. It is easy to operate and does not slow down other tasks on the computer. (((Help science learn the worst while reading Viridian email!)))

"The project, which is billed as the world's largest climate prediction experiment, is a collaboration between the Met Office and several universities including Oxford and Reading."

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