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Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 1:09 PM

Viridian Note 00369: Windpower '03

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Windpower conference 2003, wind energy, business, Austin
Attention Conservation Notice
It's very windy.

The Viridian "Embrace the Decay" Contest

(((Okay, no entries yet. How hard can this be, people? On Monday, I leave for Europe, and no doubt in my protracted absence, there will be a flood of entries, causing maximum confusion to all concerned. Get going. Why should you be entering this contest? Well, check out this stirring testimonial.)))

I won an international award

"Igor Knezevic" <igor*>

Tue May 20, 2003 06:37:52 PM US/Central

"Hi Bruce, hi all Viridian crew!

"I'd like to share some good news. I just won an international award for best architectural visualization at a 3d computer design festival in Copenhagen.

"Lots of ideas and inspiration that went into this work came from Viridian List, so I thought I share it with you. As a veteran of Viridian contests I can only say this tower should decay too eventually. Or... how 'bout this for Enron2 HQ?

"To see winning work and additional concepts directly, go here:

"Click on 'vertical village'

"While you are there, check out that sustainable white house idea (on the same page) and gimme some comments or sue me.

"Rock on Viridians!"



"Award announcement is here:

(((That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Enter these contests, and some day you, too, can be as Viridian as Igor. To further tempt you, let me up the ante. Now that the "All Thing Organic" conference has ended here in Austin, I find myself beset with spare copies of Co-op America's 2003 edition of the 20th Anniversary NATIONAL GREEN PAGES. That's 215 fine-print pages about thousands of "socially and environmentally responsible businesses.")))


(((First five people to enter the "Embrace the Decay" contest get a free copy of this handy catalog, which covers every conceivable tree-hugger knickknack, from air purifiers and aromatherapy to yoga-mats and zipcars. If you don't want it, I'll gleefully inflict it on someone of your choice!)))

(((I just got back from WINDPOWER '03, "the largest wind gathering in America's history." And boy, am I rolling in the conference swag. This event was huge. I got the WINDPOWER T-shirt and fluttery rainbow wind-toy. I got stickers. I got pens. I got lapel pins and free magazines. I got keychains, and I turned down several mousepads. I got a Shell WindEnergy shopping bag and Shell Wind Post-It Notes. I got a Vestas gimme hat direct from the Danes! Wow!)))


(((This Austin event was so big that it was rather dizzying, but check this out: it was just the start of a rolling thunder of state and private commercialization in Austin.)))

AMERICAN SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY: June 20-26 (((I'm speaking there)))


September 15-17

TEXAS RENEWABLE ENERGY ROUNDUP: Sept 26-28 (((We Viridians never miss it, and we take all our toys)))



November 17-19

(((I dunno who is the organizer ball-of-fire here, but that WINDPOWER crowd was there to make money. Lotta suits, lotta ties, and acres of literal nuts and bolts, also gears, cables, trucks, towers, bearings, lubricants, design consultancies, legal help, federal research labs... I do know that this gaudy burst of Texan green energy has something to do with this crowd:)))


And there will be photos of the event here:

(((The show-stopper of WINDPOWER '03 was probably GE Wind's Texas-sized "3.6s Offshore Wind Turbine." Okay, it exists only as a prototype, whereas Shell Wind, Vestas, and about half-a-dozen other dapper, stylish European companies at this event were shipping some real-life wind product. But that is General Electric weighing in with 3.6 megawatts of DOE-sponsored hurricane-sized power. That gizmo is a true colossus; you could play football inside its rotor diameter with room for bleachers and cheerleaders.)))


More Link:
American Wind Energy Association

The Feds: US Department of Energy: National Renewable Energy Lab Sandia National Laboratories: energy/homepage.html

The Europeans: The Mighty Shell "A Powerful Force for Tomorrow's Generation" Suzlon Wind Turbines, "Powering a Greener Tomorrow" Gamesa Eolica, the elegant Spanish contingent Nordex, "We've Got The Power" N.E.G Micon, "For a Powerful Future" Renewable Energy Systems , the Brito-Texans Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark "Risoe's research shall push the limits for the understanding of nature's processes and interactions right down to the molecular nano-scale level"! Longtime Viridian darlings Vestas "No snappy slogan, but their furniture looked great, and so did their hats, posters and shirts"

The Gigs:

2003 EWEC

European Wind Energy Conference, Madrid Organizada por:
Wind Energy International Trade Fair, Hamburg


Loft Beer, a 100 percent wind-powered beer from Colorado with a kite on the label. A little tart and hoppy for my taste, but it's kinda growing on me. I'll go buy more.

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