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Subject: Viridian Note 00368: More Involuntary Parks

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Attention Conservation Notice:
Part of a flurry of Viridian Notes, as we catch up on backlog. This won't last long.


Attention San Franciscans:
Natalie Jeremijenko's "One Tree Project." Opening Reception: Fri May 16th, 7-10 pm w/ Remarks by Natalie Jeremijenko: 8 pm & Release of One Trees Request for Proposals

The latest (paper) issue of the YLEM Journal features interviews with William Gibson, Vernor Vinge, and Bruce Sterling. And they're pretty good interviews, for an arts mag.

The ZEROGLAB Nanofestival for really teensy web movies.

"Arts Lab" proposes a unique hybrid art center and research lab designed to be "fast, competitive, market- savvy, and not-for-profit."

The Viridian "Embrace the Decay" Contest

The Viridian "Involuntary Park" concept: 00166_chernobyl_wildlife_park.html 00234_korean_involuntary_park.html 00242_german_involuntary_park.html 00287_rocky_flats_wildlife_refuge.html 00269_savannah_ecology_lab.html

Involuntary Parks

Kevin Stewart <puppydog*>
Sat May 10, 2003 03:24:58 AM US/Central

"I'm researching the conservation impact of landmines and unexploded ordances. After reading your notes on involuntary parks, I looked through my files and found several created by landmines. Then I started finding them every where. (Gotta love search images).

"I've started to archive and catalog articles on involuntary parks. The beginings of the project are at:



"Kevin Maddog Stewart"

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