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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 9:15 PM

Viridian Note 00367: Here Comes PlaNetwork

Key concepts
PlaNetwork conference, cybergreens, San Francisco
Attention Conservation Notice:
I really want to go and I can't, so you should go.


Austinites, here comes the "All Things Organic" trade show.

Don't miss the lunar eclipse.

Rebellious Texas Democrats face Oklahoma tornado alert. Man, that's almost too good.

Download the old-school cyberart project "Aaron" as shareware for your PC.

A net art meeting. It's in a derelict area of Riga.

Aw man, now that's FURNITURE!

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Source: PlaNetwork Conference

"Imagine the potential positive impacts on the world if a vast network of people sharing ecological and social justice values could come together, and come to see themselves as a whole, using the Internet.

"What kind of information technology might help to facilitate, and even catalyze the emergence of such an electronically mediated network on a global scale?

Networking a Sustainable Future
At the Golden Gate Club in the San Francisco Presidio June 6-8, 2003

"Join innovators from the world of information technology, environmental visionaries, peace and social justice activists, independent media pioneers, and many others to explore how social networks, information technologies and the Internet can play a key role in accelerating positive global change.

"Come participate in the second international Planetwork Conference: expand your networks, forge new models, share resources and help implement the creative solutions we need to build a peaceful and sustainable future.


"Featuring over eighty presenters, with Plenary presentations by:

"World renowned authority on Sustainability Hazel Henderson, MoveOn Cofounder Joan Blades, and a special Friday evening session honoring Douglas Engelbart ­ inventor of the mouse, hypertext, and windows, and father of modern computing, for his lifelong dedication to evolving intelligent technology to address the real needs of the Planet, and a performance Saturday evening by renowned singer songwriter peace activist, Stephan Smith.

"Panel Topics include:

  • Digital Identity == as Global Citizens
  • LinkTank Whitepaper on Social Network Tools
  • Sustainable Media Networks: Why not now?
  • Direct Philanthropy: Disintermediating Giving
  • Mobilizing Global Youth: Networking the Future
  • Creating Community == Online & Off
  • Digital Earth: Geobrowsers
  • Cross Platform Media Strategies for Global Change
  • Complementary Currencies on the Net
  • GIS Networks: Conservation & Open Source
  • Big Networks: Online Communities Come of Age
  • Social Entrepreneurs: Incubating Social Change
  • Global Scenarios: Modeling the Future
  • What Works: Non-profit needs for tech tools
  • Internet Based Barter
  • Messaging Equity
  • Mobilizing on a Dime
  • Open Source Dollars
  • Blogs Blogs Blogs

"The entire building will support wired and wireless networking inside and out, all sessions will be streamed, and an extensive Collaboratory process facilitated On-line by Blue Oxen Associates, and On-site by the Knowhere Store, will begin before the event and continue well beyond.

"Conference Registration Fees:
for three full days and two nights of intensive events $250 until April 30th, (or until allotted quantity sold out) $350 at the Door

$195 Special, until sold out, with Video Overflow Seating during Plenary Sessions
PlanetWorkExchange Tickets available on a first come, first served, basis - see website


"For more information, see or email:

"On behalf of the organizing crew, we invite you to join us for this unique event,

"Jim Fournier & Elizabeth Thompson"


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