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Viridian Note 00365:
Pope Appears on Earth Day

Key concepts: Earth Day, Austin, Viridian Pope-Emperor,
public rally, renewable energy

Attention Conservation Notice: News primarily of local Austin interest.

(((My new novel, THE ZENITH ANGLE, is almost complete. Viridian List will be moving into high gear soon, because the material arriving has been tremendous. Stay tuned for a brand-new Viridian "Embrace Decay" contest for web designers, involving the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art!)))

People who wonder if I am alive during my frenzies of literary composition should check the ol' weblog. Yup, looks like I'm still alive somehow.

Okay, check this weirdness out — Burt Rutan built himself a private spaceship, practically in his backyard.

But that's nothing. This "thermal depolymerization" gizmo turns sewage into crude oil. That's great, fellas; tank up the ol' backyard spaceship.

Planetwork's coming up. I wanna go, though my travel schedule looks nuts this year.

A contest to redesign dead malls. Core77, what would life be without them — a whole lot like a dead mall, actually.

(((This is not a major speech by the Viridian Pope- Emperor. At three minutes, it's more like a benediction. But I'll be there. Bet on it.)))

Source: Texas Sustainable Energy Network
Dates: Apr 22, 2003 (Tuesday)
Event: Rally with Us at the Capitol on Earth Day
Time: noon

Please join us at noon on Earth Day, April 22, on the South Steps of the State Capitol in Austin. Among those speaking will be Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Russel Smith of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association, Austin City Council Member Jackie Goodman and Bruce Sterling, author of Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years.

The Texas Sustainable Energy Network (TxSEN) is promoting Central Texas as a center of sustainable energy activity. The campaign is keyed to the series of national and international events scheduled here through November, including the national wind and solar conferences in May and June.

Come out to support sustainable energy! And please spread the word to others interested in sustainable energy. URL:

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