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From: Bruce Sterling []
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 2:27 PM

Subject: Viridian Note 00331: Contest Winner

Key concepts: Mary Kaldor, Viridian Global Civil Society Design Contest

Attention Conservation Notice: Our contest judge has rendered her verdict.


Whoa, those are some kinda parody banner-ads.

Giant fungal remediation weirdness.

Rather interesting short sci-fi story about ubiquitous computation.

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Our Judge, Dr. Mary Kaldor of the Global Civil Society Yearbook.

Entries in the Global Civil Society Design Contest.

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Viridian Judge Mary Kaldor offers a judicial design critique:

"Dear Bruce

"My main criteria were the wow factor and the relevance to global civil society.

"On this basis the winner is:
Allen Wong's VacuumPacked Computer.


"What I like about it is that it's simple, cheap, uses material that is to hand, and, most important, it is individualistic. It's a design-your-own computer, so no two computers will look alike. Its about self-organisation and autonomy, combined with communication and shared principles.

"The runners-up were:

Adrian Cotter's The Deck.


"I thought this was fun and would look nice – prettier than the vacuumpacked computer. But I wasn't sure why it would be more suitable for a global citizen than, say a global corporation.

Till Westermayer's Tough Notebook.


"This one had really thought through the needs of the global citizens but it wasn't quite as exciting as the others – it lacked the wow factor.

Chris McCormick.

"I loved the materials. But I marked it down because of the emphasis on security and encryption (same with a lot of others). Security is for governments and corporations – global citizens trust each other and are open.

"I really enjoyed this.

"All the best, Mary"

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