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Subject: Viridian Note 00330: Ocean Bugs

Key concepts: microbes, methane, Black Sea, Big Mike the Viridian Bug

Attention Conservation Notice: Continues the Viridian obsession with ecologically active micro-organisms.


GM to give away thousands of electric vehicles - USA

Sinking Pacific states slam US over sea levels - FIJI

Famished Australian emus invade drought-hit farms - AUSTRALIA

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"Germans discover ancient life, offer climate hope"

by Philip Blenkinsop

GERMANY: August 12, 2002

"BERLIN – German scientists have discovered micro- organisms deep under the sea that may provide an insight into some of the earth's first lifeforms and offer hope in the fight against global warming, the Max Planck Society said.

"The marine biologists and geologists believe they have shown life could have existed by processing methane without the presence of oxygen.

"Their findings could also prove useful in ridding the earth of excess methane, one of the greenhouse gases many scientists believe is responsible for global warming.

"Traditional views of early life on earth centre on plants which converted carbon dioxide to oxygen.

"'These (plant lifeforms) date back to between three and 3.5 billion years ago... We have found biomass (large cluster of organisms) using methane that geologists show could have existed around four billion years ago,' Professor Antje Boetius, joint author of the study, told Reuters.

Link: Yes, she exists. Dr. Antje does more than exist. She gives some kinda publicity shot. Dang!

"The two-year research by the scientists from Hamburg University, the Alfred Wegener Institute in northern Bremerhaven and the Max Planck Society centred on coral-forming micro-organisms in the Black Sea at depths where no oxygen and no light is present.

"The Black Sea contains the largest oxygen-free basin in the world.

"The lifeforms were able to process methane together with sulphates within the water, producing carbonates, in the form of coral, as waste. (((Black, oxygen-free "coral". I wonder what that stuff looks like. Maybe you could make jewelry out of it.)))

"That they were able to do so without oxygen suggests they may have been around before plant life.

"'Perhaps micro-organisms like those found in the Black Sea were the original inhabitants of the earth during a long period of the earth's history,' said Boetius. (((Yeah, they've just been sitting down there, waiting to save our bacon.)))

"She believes the findings could prove useful for climate control.

"Previously, scientists had thought that methane, found in abundance in the sea and produced through agriculture, could only be broken down with oxygen.

"The German researchers believe the discovery of a pool of organisms that process methane without oxygen could lead to a way of cutting down potentially harmful greenhouse gases without burning oxygen and producing similarly damaging carbon dioxide. (((What do they smell like?)))

"'It could be a way of hindering climate catastrophe,'" Boetius said.

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