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Source: Reuters

"World Temperature Second Highest on Record
Dec 18 2001 11:47AM

"GENEVA (Reuters) This year has been the second warmest on record and the trend toward higher mean global temperatures looks set to continue, World Meteorological Organization officials said Tuesday.

"Compared with the 1961-1990 average used as the basis for comparison, officials said the global temperature in 2001 rose a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit to 57.2 F. ((("Gee, that doesn't sound very hot... hey wait a minute, how come my garage flooded?")))

"It is the 23rd year in succession that temperatures have been above the 1961-1990 mean. (((Anyone want to bet on when we get a year below the mean? Will anyone on this list live that long?)))

"The 2001 average temperature was second only to 1998 when temperatures rose under the impact of La Nina, the sister phenomenon to El Nino, both of which are caused by abnormal warming of surface water in the Pacific Ocean. (...)

"World Meteorological Organization officials said the warming trend would be accompanied by further cases of extreme weather conditions == both flooding and drought as well as sharp temperature variations. But it was not possible to predict where the weather events would occur. (((Could be your house!)))

"They noted the overall trend to higher mean temperatures did not mean that some parts of the world would not experience extreme cold, as happened last winter in Russia. ((("North Pole chased from top of planet; Santa settles over Europe")))

"Officials said the rising mean temperature and the frequency of extreme climatic conditions, such as the devastating drought currently plaguing central Asia, were consistent with a pattern of global warming. (...) ((("We wanted to re-locate as there is no water left" -- O. bin Laden & Co.)))


2001 temps 'second highest' on record
December 18, 2001 Posted: 9:21 PM EST (0221 GMT)

"GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) The Earth's temperature in the year 2001 is expected to be the second highest since global records began 140 years ago, the U.N. weather agency said Tuesday, more proof of global warming caused by humans.

"The World Meteorological Organization said the warming temperatures led to an increase in the severity and frequency of storms and droughts and other unusual weather conditions.

"'Temperatures are getting hotter, and they are getting hotter faster now than at any time in the past,' said Michel Jarraud, the organization's deputy secretary- general.

"Nine of the 10 warmest years in the last four decades have occurred since 1990, and temperatures are rising three times faster than in the early 1900s, he said.

"This year's global average surface temperature was expected to be 57.96 Fahrenheit, the World Meteorological Organization said. The record, set in 1998, was 58.24 Fahrenheit.

"'Much of the temperature change is down to human influence," said Ken Davidson, director of the organization's climate program department. 'There are always skeptics on everything, but certainly the evidence we have today shows we do have global warming, and that most of this is due to human action.'"

(((You'd think this was pretty bad news for humanity, a clear and present danger to our health and safety, etc etc. == unless you were Chris Paynter of "Greening Earth Society." Watch ol' Chris scuttle under George W. Bush's political skirts here, despite the fact that the same move didn't do Enron any good. Chris always hated Enron anyhow, because Enron burned natural gas instead of coal. Coal guys pay for Greening Earth and their Beltway spin operation.)))

Greening Earth Society

2001 Temp Stats Bring Holiday Cheer

Chris Paynter <>
Wednesday, December 19, 2001 12:31 PM


((("We're Caroling In The Dirty Slush")))

"As the end of 2001 nears, folks are busy with their calculations to determine the earth's average temperature for another year. Usually, in their great excitement to proclaim that some extreme value has been reached or some record exceeded, the calculators don't wait until all the data are in, but do their best to estimate the temperature anomaly based upon whatever data they've collected so far.

"This year, the number-crunchers relying on data from surface thermometers and sea-surface temperature measurements will proudly announce (if they have not done so already) that 2001 was the second-warmest year ever measured. And since the current record holder, 1998, was associated with the mother of all El Ninos (that is, if El Ninos can be mothers), (((a little light humor in the climate refugee camp here))) 2001 therefore represents the warmest 'normal' year, and would seem to provide further evidence that global climate models are right and therefore we should believe everything they tell us and that George W. should reconsider the United States' withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. (((And that people should stop burning my employers' coal, thus causing me to lose my job.)))

"But let's look beneath the surface, as it were == or above, actually. What these announcements will fail to include is that the average temperature in 2001 in the atmospheric layer from the earth's surface up to about 25,000 feet as measured by NASA satellites was just about normal. (((No it wasn't.))) Of the 23 years on record (satellite measurements of temperature began in 1979), 13 years were colder than 2001 and 9 were warmer. And those facts serve as further evidence that global climate models are wrong and their projections should be viewed with caution and skepticism and that George W. is right on the money. (((My money. Yahoo!)))

"Visit our newly expanded website today."

Chris Paynter Executive Director Greening Earth Society 1575 I Street, NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005

Ph: 202-898-1876 or 800-529-4503


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