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Attention Conservation Notice: Logo contest entries flying in thick and fast.

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This Contest Ends January 12, 2002.

Just can't get enough of Enron's pathetic, sickening scandal? Try these websites.

Share the woe with unemployed Enron staffers. Note their brand-new parody "Enron-X" logo! Come on, Viridians, you can do better than that. These guys need our help!


nonymously rat out the wretches at Enron to merciless Democratic investigators in a House committee! (((Security tip: before you get all thrilled about how easy it is to send "anonymous" email direct to the US Congress, try logging on someplace as "Albert Qaeda.")))

"The Murky Demise of Enron"

"Enron Makes Whitewater Look Like Peanuts"

"Washington Friends Desert Enron Chief" ("Sorry, but you're radioactive and you got yourself this way") 000099371dec15.story

(((Lest it be thought that we take sadistic pleasure in the Ozymandias sufferings of a large and burstingly ambitious business enterprise, consider Enron Wind. Enron Wind was always the Viridian darling within the Enron octopus. Enron Wind seems to be doing == get this == more or less okay! Probably for two reasons:

  1. they were a pretty good wind company before Enron acquired them and gave them that new logo, and
  2. Enron was kinda brushing up Enron Wind's balance sheet, because Enron was planning to sell them. So good luck to Enron's green energy outfit. Let's all wish them the best in avoiding the fatal radius of Enron's black hole.)))
Source: Wind Energy Weekly #973
Date: Friday, December 7, 2001 2:48 PM
From: Kathy Belyeu <>


Vol. 20, #973

7 December 2001


"Enron Wind Corp. continues operations independent of bankrupt parent


"Enron Wind Corp. reports that it is in healthy shape, despite the bankruptcy filing of its parent, Enron Corp., which shook energy markets last week. Enron Corp. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy Sunday, December 2, after potential suitor Dynegy retracted its offer for a rescue merger in one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in U.S. history.

"Adam Umanoff, CEO of Enron Wind Corp., said that neither Enron Wind nor its subsidiaries was included in the bankruptcy filing, and that it is essentially 'business as usual' for the wind company. Although Enron Wind Corp. is a subsidiary of Enron, it operates as a separate and independent legal entity. Enron Wind has manufacturing capacity in the United States as well as in Spain and Germany.

"Umanoff went on to say that Enron Wind is financially strong. He said, '2001 is proving to be a very profitable year for Enron Wind. We have a strong balance sheet. With strong wind power projections for 2002 and with our widely respected technology, we anticipate that 2002 will be an equally strong year. Most importantly, we have the ability to meet, and intend to meet, all of our business obligations.' (...)

"Any sale of Enron Wind would require approval by the bankruptcy court. Umanoff is confident that a court procedure will not hold up any sale for too long. (((New name, new logo, hooray!)))

"Independent analysts agree that Enron Wind Corp. has strong assets and will most probably be sold as a 'going concern.' Among developers, the 1.5-MW machine is reportedly one of the better pieces of equipment in the industry, with good operating characteristics and a strong track record. In addition, Enron Wind has a strong position worldwide as a turbine supplier and high-quality managers and financial advisors." (((Keep the turbines, folks, and dump the advisors.)))

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