Viridian Note 00267: Texas Renewable Energy

Bruce Sterling []

Roundup, 02001

Key concepts: Viridian public outreach event, renewable energy, Fredericksburg, Texas, TREIA, TXSES, September 28- 30, 02001

Attention Conservation Notice: It's about an event in Texas which the Pope-Emperor plans to attend. If you attend, you might be put to work at the Viridian table.


(((We Viridians were an unmistakeable presence at the first Texas Renewable Energy Roundup in 2000. See these photos.)))


(((We're going to the second one too. Not only are we going to demo our customary Viridian books, mags, weird blobjects and imaginary products, we're even going to sell some stuff. Furthermore, if all goes to plan, I'll be delivering a Viridian speech on bizarre energy toys. Why should you go? Here's the pitch.)))

"The Fredericksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau has increased its promotion and outreach on behalf of the Roundup over last year's solid support. (...) We have the sense that this year's attendance will be greater than last.

     "We have an exciting list of sponsors. Some are new and some from last year have increased their level of support. (...)

     "Following is a current list of Roundup sponsors.

"EMPRESARIO ($10,000 and up) Texas State Energy Conservation Office (((thank you, Texas taxpayers))))

"BARON ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous (((It wasn't me))) Conservation Services Group and the Hoffner Family Fund Enron Wind Corp. (((It's for sale!))) Home Power (((cool magazine))) Lower Colorado River Authority US Department of Energy-Wind Powering America (((go feds!)))

"PATRON ($1,000 - $4,999) American Electric Power American Solar Energy Society (((Yo!))) enXco Green Mountain Energy (((Go Dutch guys!))) Home Grown Magazine Texas Energy Coordination Council Sustainable Sources

"PARTNER ($500 - $999) Electric Power Engineers, Inc. H-E-B Xantrex, Inc.

OUTFITTER ($250 - $499) Acres U.S.A., Inc. R & R Engineering Sustainable Dallas 2002 (((That's right == greens from Dallas))) Public Citizen - Texas

"Best regards,

Russel Smith Roundup Co-Organizer (512) 345-5446"

(((Furthermore, you can volunteer for the festival and get free stuff. And if you work for us Viridians, you'll get a free star <*>. Unless there are some of the new T-shirts left over. We're too lazy to take them home. So I guess then maybe you get one.)))

"Please consider working as a VOLUNTEER. Here's what you get.

"One 4-hour shift: = free entry into the Roundup for that day, = an organic cotton T-shirt, and = a $5 Chuck Wagon coupon.

"Two 4-hour shifts: = the above noted items, and = a free workshop registration.

"If helping out at the Roundup is something you would like to do, please go to the web site at

"and click on 'Volunteer To Help!' where you will find a volunteer form. If you have questions about volunteering, contact our Trail Bosses for Volunteers - Cindy Berry, LCRA, 512-473-3208,, or Leslie Libby, Austin Energy, 512-322-6290,"

(((If you are entirely new to Viridian List, you may somehow be unaware that Texas, a state synonymous with the oil industry, has a green power industry. But it does, and developments proceed apace. The Roundup is the place to water the grass roots. Be there or be square.

(((Incidentally, in Austin, we are having violent rainstorms and it is flooding.)))

Source: Reuters, August 28, 02001

"Texas in big push to develop wind power

"HOUSTON - Texas, whose fortunes have long been tied up with its fossil fuel wealth, is defying its popular image as a state dominated by cigar-chomping oil barons and pushing hard to develop wind power.

"Wind turbines are sprouting up on hilltops and mesas in the remote western expanses of the state, helping to offset the economic effects of declining production from aging oil fields.

     "Texas wind farms are still generating relatively modest amounts of energy compared with the state's oil and gas production, which remain the largest in the nation.

     "But after a late entry into the wind business, Texas will soon overtake Minnesota and Iowa and rank second to California, an early mover that has shown little growth in recent years. (...)

     "State legislation to promote renewable energy, plus improved technology that has reduced costs and a surge in natural gas prices last winter have all contributed to the Texas wind boom.

     "As of July 2001, Texas had just under 200 megawatts of wind power capacity up and running and had an additional 900 megawatts planned, much of it slated to come on line by the end of the year, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

     "One of those projects, the 278 megawatt King Mountain wind farm in Upton County, near President George W. Bush's boyhood home of Midland, will be among the largest in the world and is backed by some big players from the traditional electric power industry."

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