Viridian Note 00261: Cellphone Nailpolish

Bruce Sterling []

Key concepts: couture, cellphones, fashion
accessories, fingernails, Motorola, Hard Candy

Attention Conservation Notice: it's another installment in our couture series. Might seem merely frivolous to those who don't take cosmeceuticals seriously.

Ms. Dineh Mohajer: a modern business genius! Men's nail polish gains instant popularity!
The Fanatical Nail Polish Worship Page.

(((It's an object lesson in technosocial metabolism when digital communication melts into one's fingernails. This development brings fresh meaning to the Eurocentric term for a cellphone, the "handy.")))


The Joint Press Release:

"Special Edition Motorola i50sx Hard Candy Makeover Kit With Matching Nail Polish
Part#: NTN1819

"The Special Edition Motorola i50sx with Hard Candy Color is a high-tech fashion statement with a 'soft-touch' satin-like finish. The changeable faceplate and battery cover allow you to change colors as easily as you change your nail polish. (((Apparently there is only one color available at the moment: "periwinkle." Guys, hold out for Hard Candy's "Candy Man" colors, "Gigolo," "Testosterone," and/or "Superman.")))

"This phone is more than just a phone." (((But of course: at Motorola, we'll do most anything to escape the razor- thin margins on a commodity product, especially after that unfortunate "Iridium" incident.))) "It can be a two-way messaging system, a two-way radio, email and an internet browser, and a handheld game. As part of the newest iDEN family of phones, the Motorola i50sx is the only communication device you will ever need. (((Unless you count your eyeliner and lipgloss.))) Check back for availability of new Hard Candy colors!

"Note: This makeover kit includes a Hard Candy inspired faceplate and battery door, a silver keypad, and a matching bottle of Hard Candy nail polish. You can purchase a Motorola i50sx phone at the following retail locations, and check out service through your local Nextel dealer:

  • Circuit City
  • Comp USA
  • Office Depot
  • Staples"

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