Viridian Note 00255: ExxonMobil Global Day of

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Key concepts
International Day of Action Against ExxonMobil, July 11, 02001

Attention Conservation Notice: It's about the world's most loathed and iniquitous oil company, for this quarter, anyhow.


Entries in the Viridian Hot Rod Contest:

Came in too late for the contest and furthermore is not a hot rod, but it's pretty cool, dude. >From^^^^^^^^***********? (Reid Harward):

Has nothing to do with us Viridians, but this goth has got herself some kinda art-car. Check out that interior detailing.

You'll probably need some happenin' music for your Viridian hot rod tape deck. So go find some tips on this guy's site. "The digital detritus -- the hums, tics, crackles, and pops generated from vandalized CDs, traumatized hardware, and daydreaming machinery---with brain-tickling intricacy. Ranging from eddies of sound-dust to an insectile funk of chitters 'n' creaks, to tangles of iridescent chimes..." Daddy-o, nobody writes music crit like Simon Reynolds!

AND THE WINNER IS: Donna Worden at because Donna is like this rad chick who really has a kick-ass green hot-rod, man. Donna Worden's prize is a copy of the book KUSTOM KULTURE, published by the Laguna Art Museum.

Donna and her kick-ass green (red!) hot-rod.

ExxonMobil International Day of Action on July 11th

Campaign ExxonMobil <>

"This email is to let you all know about the International Day of Action against ExxonMobil, on July 11th, and to invite you all to participate in actions in your city! Organizers in at least 15 countries and most major US cities are targeting ExxonMobil, so there will definitely be an action near you.

"Why ExxonMobil?


  • Is the biggest hindrance to stopping global warming both in the US and worldwide
  • Has not made a serious investment in renewable energy
  • Is a major proponent of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Has a dismal human rights and environmental record

"Need more reasons? Then go to or

"Also, you are invited to join a new list-serve about ExxonMobil called This list will provide campaign updates and press stories about ExxonMobil. Only a handful of people can post to this list and the email traffic should be fairly slow. If you would like to subscribe send a message to:"

(((I would wager that July 11, 02001 will pass without the world's largest corporate multinational crumbling, or even much noticing. But that's not the interesting part. What gets me is that some little NGO infowar guy is sitting there picking out dates like "July 11." And then the word more or less actually gets out. What on earth is that about? Who is this guy? Where does he get that authority? Can you imagine how that must feel over at ExxonMobil's PR, corporate security, and competitor- intelligence departments? Network activism is a funny thing. I feel sure ExxonMobil knows who this guy is, where he lives, what he wears and everything about him. So why don't the rest of us know that too, I wonder.)))

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