Viridian Note 00235: Whole Earth Magazine

"Bruce Sterling" <>
Wednesday, March 21, 2001 2:33 PM

Key concepts: Whole Earth Magazine magazine,
Viridian Pope-Editor, Viridians seize control of means of information

Attention Conservation Notice: Hey wow, we just took over a magazine.

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There are three things you need to do if you want to run a real, no-kidding design movement.

1. Complain loudly about how badly-designed everything is, and how much better life would be if your friends and idols were doing all the designing, instead.

2. Run a cool magazine where all your friends and idols can say nice things about each other, hash out some of their issues, and build some consumer demand.

3. Have a big, flourishing retail arm so all your friends and idols can sell their cool stuff to straight people.

Here on Viridian List, we specialize in (1). We don't want to do (3) because we're bone lazy and it's way too much work. We are, however, willing to knuckle down and make occasional stabs at (2). The Viridian Issue of TIME DIGITAL is now behind us. Here comes the Viridian Issue of Whole Earth Magazine.

"Hey wow do they still publish that?" Yes they do, damn it! They didn't shut up shop just because there's a Patagonia on every streetcorner.

Here's the stats. I'm looking at 88 big blank pages of text here, minus room for cartoons, graphics, logos and illustrations. And boy do I need graphics. There are 1,540 of you. My deadline is April 20. You want to be in Whole Earth Magazine? Tell me about it. Give the Pope- Editor your best Viridian pitch. It's a real magazine, folks. I'm paying contributors. Not much, but some.

We're gonna be doing gizmos, imaginary products, meters, climate change, Big Mike the Viridian Bug, space fungus, spongephones, piezoelectric eels, embracing decay, seeking the transorganic, we're doing the Viridian works, in a groovy "access to tools, ideas and practices" stylee.

Don't be surprised if Viridian List traffic drops suddenly; I'm gonna be a real busy guy over the next month.

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