Viridian Note 00231: Earth to Exxon-Mobil

"Bruce Sterling" <>
Monday, March 05, 2001 11:52 AM

Key concepts: Exxon-Mobil, public protests, political
activism, US PIRG, Ross Gelbspan

Attention Conservation Notice: Somewhat America-centric even though Exxon-Mobil's depredations are global.

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(((Just because I have a soft spot for "bp" doesn't mean I like all giant multinational capitalist oil companies. Exxon-Valdez == sorry, I meant Exxon-Mobil == have to rank with the worst smut-merchants on earth, because they spend so much money, time, and energy underwriting spin-doctors and Greenhouse denial freaks. If you're on America's East Coast, you might want to defy the giant snow storm and lend some moral support to one of the stars of Greenhouse awareness, Ross Gelbspan.)))

Source: Campaign ExxonMobil


Source: Pete Altman, Campaign ExxonMobil

"Please pass this on to friends and acquaintances you know along the east coast...

"Next week, Campaign ExxonMobil and US PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) begin a ten day tour from Philadelphia to Boston to publicize ExxonMobil's role in worsening global warming and attempting to drill in the Arctic.

"We are very honored to be joined by Ross Gelbspan, author of 'The Heat is On' which investigated and exposed the fossil-fuel industry's deliberate campaign to mislead the American public and policymakers about the science and severity of global warming.

"Ross has recently documented that ExxonMobil has apparently become the largest single funder of the 'skeptic' groups which continue to work to undermine efforts to address global warming. You can read all about it on Ross' web site at

"We are making presentations at the following places and dates:

March 5th - University of Pennsylvania in Philly

March 6th - Bryn Mawr/Rutgers in Philly and New Brunswick
NJ March 7th - Columbia/Barnard in NYC March 8th - University of Massachusetts Amherst March 9th - Trinity University in Hartford CT March 10th - Brown University in Providence RI March 12th - UMass Boston March 13th - Harvard

"Read more about the times, locations and other neat stuff at

"We look forward to seeing you on the road!"

Pete Altman, National Coordinator, Campaign ExxonMobil

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