Viridian Note 00229: Fetzer Gloats

"Bruce Sterling" <>
Wednesday, February 21, 2001 1:44 PM

Key concepts
California energy crisis, Fetzer vineyards, renewable energy

Attention Conservation Notice: It's always really galling when eco-weirdos turn out to have out-thought and out- planned everybody else.

Link: Living in California? The state will pay you to make your own energy.

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"I have completed the ultra-hip Viridian must-have, the Nokia/Jagermeister spongephone (with attached fuel supply). (Caution: contains Flash)"

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If you've never heard of cyberpunk science fiction writer and critic Paul Di Filippo, then never mind this part. But Paul, who is a very lion of modern speculative literature, is staying in my house this weekend for an Austin writers workshop, where we are soberly discussing science fiction and sundry related issues. Though Paul is on Viridian List, this is a literary event. After the workshop, we're throwing a house party, starring my good friend and yours, Paul. If you'd like to show up at my house and talk to him, send me some email.

(((The political and economic aspects of the California Energy crisis got a large bandaid recently, when the California Legislature agreed to spend several billion dollars to buy transmission lines from utilities. This quasi-bailout should get the near-bankrupt utilities more or less off the hook. However, the state's been hovering at the edge of blackouts for a month now, and supplies this summer are looking quite scary.

(((In the meantime, California's Fetzer wine company just can't help gloating a little. Fetzer and their green products received intense Viridian attention in Notes 00104 and 00109, when we were trying hard to find a clean, green, solar-powered vintage that we could actually swallow.)))

Source: Fetzer press release

"Conservation, Green and Solar Energy Mean Energy Cost Stability for Fetzer Vineyards

"HOPLAND, Calif.== (BUSINESS WIRE)== Feb. 13, 2001 via NewsEdge Corporation

"As many of California's businesses scramble to discover ways to lessen the impact of an out-of-control energy market and skyrocketing energy costs, those with alternative energy programs and comprehensive energy conservation programs in place stand at a great advantage.

"In the wine industry, Fetzer Vineyards, a winery leading the charge for sustainable business practices for the past decade, uses a combination of ambitious energy reduction programs, photo-voltaic solar panels, and 100% Green (renewable) energy purchasing to produce over three million cases of wine each year.

"'Our contract for 100% renewable energy continues as usual with Enron Energy Services, so our costs are stable for the green energy we are purchasing,' explains Patrick Healy, environmental manager at Fetzer. 'We have more conservation programs coming on-line in 2001 that will result in dramatic usage reductions this year in spite of plans to increase production.'

"Fetzer also reaps the energy benefit of 90 photo-voltaic panels on the company's rammed earth Administration Building, which have generated 56,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in the past year, running at 98% efficiency. The electricity generated by the panels fully powered the Administration Building in 2000. (...)

"Located in California's Mendocino County, Fetzer Vineyards was founded in 1968 by the Fetzer family and is now part of the Brown-Forman Wine Group. Throughout the last decade, Fetzer has played a leading role in organic vineyard farming practices, as well as being a leader and pioneer in solid waste reduction and innovative recycling programs. Noted for producing some of America's most popular and award-winning wines, Fetzer has also received numerous awards for its environmentally responsible business practices. To learn more about Fetzer Vineyards, please visit

"CONTACT: Fetzer Vineyards Sara Cummings, 800/945-9463, ext. 7426"

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