Viridian Note 00212: TIME DIGITAL's Viridian Issue

Bruce Sterling []


Key concepts
Time Digital magazine, Viridian imaginary products, parodies, futurism, Viridian New Year's party

Attention Conservation Notice: Includes an invitation to a New Year's party with free beer!

Source: TIME Digital press release

"Media Contact: Judy Twersky Public Relations, Inc. (718) 263-6633

"'MACHINE OF THE YEAR' TIME Digital Selects the Digital Camera

"FLIP ISSUE: Leading Science Fiction Writer Bruce Sterling Guest Edits An Issue of TIME Digital == Written for the Year 2026. (...)

"In the new issue of TIME Digital, the monthly consumer- tech magazine from The TIME Group of magazines:

"Bruce Sterling, a leading science fiction writer, guest edits a 'flip' issue (see our second back cover) as if the date were January 2026 and parodies TIME Digital's look and feel. The stories were written by Sterling, members of an Internet mailing list he runs dedicated to the future, and Lev Grossman, of TIME Digital. Most of the objects that appear in the magazine's features and reviews were rendered from scratch by computer artists == like the imagined Swatch Body Clock watch that does your bloodwork each day, or the Palm K-9, the first pawtop computer for dogs.

"TIME Digital (circulation 1 million) includes investigative stories from the frontlines of technology, profiles, and the latest in products and trends. Joshua Quittner is managing editor. Check out its website,, and Quittner's daily TIMEtech reports on the CBS Radio Network."

(((Bruce S remarks: The January 2001/2026 TIME Digital issue has just hit the stands, and thanks to massive Viridian input, it is without question one of the weirdest, coolest publications you will ever see. Our parodized version of 2026 was constructed by myself and Viridian fellow-travellers Stefan Jones and Carol Cooper, with help from the multitalented David Rice of FutureFeedForward ( and the wise and hardworking Lev Grossman of Time Digital.

(((This imagined world of 2026 looks, smells and acts like an everyday magazine from a future Viridian society. The issue swarms with Viridian "imaginary products," Viridian "sewerspace," a Viridian dream home, and even a Viridian political scandal. Fans of Bruce Sterling's science fiction novels will also notice an incessant string of injokes. Go out pronto and buy every copy you can get your hands on. It's beautiful, it rocks and it's the year 2000's top Viridian collectors' item. In fact, while you're at it, go click on TIME Digital's website and build up their hitcount to staggering proportions:

(((Then go buy some cool cybergreen blobject gizmos!)))


It's a lively season at the Viridian Vatican in Austin, as Green-powered Xmas lights strew the "backyard biodiversity" of the so-called lawn, and Texan politicians writhe in agony over a fatally flawed election.

We plan to finish the year 2000 with a drunken cheer at the "Mathematically Literate Millennium Party," where those of us who can successfully count from zero will be celebrating the arrival of the actual, no-kidding millennium. We will also gently mourn the long-awaited passing of 2000 A.D., truly a bonanza year for futurist pundits!

The Vatican doors will be open to all Viridians (a perfectly safe offer to make, since so many of you are marooned on distant continents). However, we do need a headcount of our expected guests. We therefore ask you to email and indicate your intention to show up for New Years. On receiving your digital RSVP, I will mail you directions and such.

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