Viridian Note 00175: Viridian Magazine Cover

Bruce Sterling []


Key concepts: Viridian design contest, magazine covers,

Attention Conservation Notice: It's yet another in our series of ongoing Viridian design contests.

At the end of September 02000, I'll be appearing at the Texas Renewable Energy festival in Fredericksburg, Texas. I'll be speaking there, but I'm also carrying in a number of attractive, designery, renewable-energy gizmos and knickknacks that I have made it my business to collect. (Some of them will be cunningly-forged "Viridian imaginary products." Think anyone will be able to tell the difference? Neither do I!)

Since this is a rare, physical-meatspace appearance by the Viridian Pope-Emperor, I also plan to take along a bevy of Viridian Notes, all nicely printed out, just for once, on archaic dead-tree material. In other words, a vanity-press pamphlet of hard-core Viridian propaganda. This is not a commercial publishing venture. It is a giveaway outreach effort, kind of a cunning low-rent forgery of a magazine, which will no doubt become fantastically valuable in the collectors' market, once they come to understand that it was given away to a tiny group of people for nothing.

So I'll have to edit it. Furthermore, I need a cover. Kind of a "Best of Viridian" laser-color thing, that would still look okay with a couple of rusty staples through it. It needs to be in standard American paper size so I can run them off down at the copy shop at 2 AM when no one is looking. I'm not at all particular about the imagery or the format == you can just use your imagination == but the cover that is "most Viridian" will take the prize.

The prize is a copy of "Cover Story: The Art of American Magazine Covers 1900-1950" by Steven Heller and Louise Fili, Chronicle Books, 1996.

Compose your Viridian magazine cover and put on the web so we can all see it. Everyone who enters a Viridian contest receives a lovely and valuable star <*> for their log-in name. The deadline is August 31, 02000. Good luck!

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