From: Bruce Sterling <>
Subject: Viridian Note 00148: Anti-Viridian Web Log
To: Viridian List <>

Key concepts: websites, web surfing, greenhouse denial
industry, lobbyists, anti-environmental movement

Attention Conservation Notice: Incredibly time-consuming. Also a revolting spectacle. Might prove useful for conspiracy trials when the International Courts of Justice in The Hague are stacking sandbags around the courthouse.

Entries in the Greenhouse Disaster Symbol contest: One entry, but we haven't stuck it on a website yet. This contest expires May 31, 2000.

Links: Check out the nifty cybergreen leaf-and-circuitry
graphic for these Swiss NGO wonks:

It's net.war for those lying wretches at ExxonMobil:

Anti-Greens on the Web Free-market watchdog organization that specializes in combating foundation-funded green liberals. AKA:
See all your favorite environmental groups revealed as tools of the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. Unless they're Earth First!, in which case they're terrorists.
American Legislative Exchange Council Wide-ranging crank-wonk "forum for legislators" that loathes Kyoto, urban zoning, coddling criminals, "federal tobacco grab," etc.

Cascade Policy Institute
"Oregon's Free Market Think Tank" hates Oregon's zoning, urban growth restrictions, "Potemkin transport" light rail initiatives.

Cato Institute
Publishes "Regulation" magazine and various books "proving" that environmental problems are exacerbated by the federal government. Great line of e-commerce mousepads and coffeemugs.

Center for the Study of American Business
"Improves public understanding of the private enterprise system" by attacking public regulation with right-wing academic pamphlets.
Competitive Enterprise Institute Home hangout of Myron Ebell, denial-industry editor of the "Cooler Heads Newsletter" and capo of "Cooler Heads Coalition," a cluster of denial fellow-travellers. CEI also sponsors Mark Mills, author of "The Internet Begins with Coal," a favorite of Greening Earth Society and Forbes magazine.
Sport-Ute freaks wary of emissions and Kyoto restrictions. Lots of rich friends in the car industry.
Beltway bandits who do for "consumerism" what "Greening Earth Society" does for Greens. Industry weasels in stolen consumer's clothing.

Citizens for a Sound Economy
Lobbyists. Not much about "sound economics," but plenty about standard right-wing US issues like tort reform, school choice, Internet taxation, and EPA interference with profits. Also dabbles in climate denial:

Environment Probe Wacky Canadians who advocate environmental improvement via privatizing everything, including water, beaches, forests, and fisheries.

Fraser Institute
Canadian free-market zealots. Extensive line in climate denial.

George C. Marshall Institute
Headed by "scientists of international renown," it's a nonprofit hangout for pedigreed denial-science cranks, including Sallie Baliunas, Bruce Ames, Frederick Seitz, Chauncey Starr, etc. Interesting odd tie-ins with NASA rocket geezers == why, for instance, does something called the "George C. Marshall Institute" publish strident calls to colonize Mars? California-based "free-market environmentalism" with strident assertions that global warming doesn't exist, while the US environment is getting better and better. Also features "Center for Freedom and Technology" for a Milton Friedmanized version of the Internet.

The Heartland Institute
Chicago-based policy wonks publish virulently anti-Green "Environmental & Climate News" and its aptly named sister publication, "Intellectual Ammunition." Their extensive list of anti-green fellow-traveller links is even scarier than the present list: A swell Green tell-all article on and its net-based "PolicyBot." "Right-wing think tanks and industry associations are the major players behind the movement opposing environmental regulation and attacking environmentalists."

Science and Environmental Policy Project
The trick to understanding this site is to realize that everyone in the world is scientifically illiterate, except for S. Fred Singer and six or seven of his friends. By the way, Fred's extremely eager to rocket off to Mars:

No Anti-Viridian list could pass without a special place for our bete noire, "Greening Earth Society!" Like a compass that always points south, Greening Earth swiftly and infallibly embraces the most damaging public positions possible! Even when they are damaging to Greening Earth itself, as in this recent net.alert from GES capo Chris Paynter:

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