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Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2000 5:17 PM
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Subject: Viridian Note 00146: Viridian Web Log

Key concepts: websites, web surfing

Attention Conservation Notice: Incredibly time-consuming. A lot of earnest, gung-ho, profit-centric green business going on here.
Environmental Building News newsletter site. Serious construction people, some weird materials of the strawbale, fiberboard and unpainted fly-ash concrete variety. Would appear to be every single renewable energy business in the entire world. Terrifyingly huge list of sustainable design and policy resources. Regional Environmental Center for Eastern and Central Europe. Kind of a cheerful, schadenfreude thing to look at, because it's so improbably bad in Deep Europe. Gigantic cyanide spills, genocide, economic collapse, makes life elsewhere seem really upbeat. Building "homes" out of old tin cans, dead car tires and cement. So awful, it's cool. Sustainable Urban Ecosystems. Build solar-powered gardens in abandoned parking lots.
bin/webring?ring=sustainability;id=3;list A Sustainability Web Ring. Can cost you hours, even days of clicking. Utility Photovoltaic Group. About a zillion US solar energy industry players, from Alabama Power to Wisconsin Public Service. Huge number of solar photovoltaic websites. A guy's house in Austin that has pretty much the same solar set-up that mine does, only his is better- monitored. Alternative Energy Store. Point, click, and buy your own discount wind turbine. Don't forget the lightning arrestor.
A solar-powered computer. Comes with big lead-acid batteries. Recycled office supplies, including non-tree printer paper and recycled floppy disks. Heavy-duty, big-muscle, massively corporate fuel-cell companies. Vast bioproducts industrial directory of new things to do with soy, lactose, ethanol, etc. Watch conventional agriculture turn into a before your very eyes. "Embrace Decay" in your own highly compostable strawboard coffin. Biotechnology Industry Organization. Why fret about scary "Frankenfoods" when you can cozy right up to all the major players through their Beltway lobbying website? Sam Wyly is a Republican Texan millionaire environmentalist. Wyly caused a campaign finance scandal for George W. Bush when he bought ads attacking Senator McCain as a polluter. Wyly also runs, a clean energy company, and explains why in this recent speech.
"The Premiere Climate Change News and Information Portal and Archive."
Kinda dusty and matter-of-fact, but some good stuff here about Antarctic icebergs, obstreperous US Senators and the like. US Green Building Council.
Sponsors include companies, universities, even entire cities.
Zero-waste manufacturing from endearingly wacky green-biz guru and "social entrepreneur" Gunter Pauli. Fantastic architecture; don't step in the newage.
Pay actual money for European
Brilliantly decentralized, commercial computing initiative, or wacky Ponzi scheme? You make the decision! Bloggers webring. Like being assaulted by hundreds of automated personal diaries. Wow! A "blog blog!" Can a "blog blog blog" be far behind? Eight webloggers hanging out in my bathroom during SXSW 2000. With a name like "Sha Sha Higby," she's either a hippie artist, or insanely great, or, in this case, both.
Industrial design antiques. Let yesterday's tomorrow become your prized defunct gizmo.
Cloudman's gallery of huge, arty, impressive clouds. Cyclone Hudah just drowned Mozambique yet again. That makes three massive weather catastrophes back-to- back.
Cliff Stoll stopped busting hacker KGB agents, and now he makes unidimensional Klein Bottle beer mugs. I don't care how hard they are to clean, I gotta get myself one of those things.
Web-order weather toys.
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The new triennial design exhibit.

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