Subject: Viridian Note 000142: Global Climate Coalition in
Purge Frenzy

Key concepts: Global Climate Coalition, General Motors,
denial industry

Attention Conservation Notice: The gruesome spectacle continues as the Viridian class enemies of the GCC writhe in irretrieveable decline, spewing evil fog and spinning the media like a maladjusted gyroscope

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"General Motors breaks with global warming skeptics


"DETROIT (March 15, 2000 8:23 a.m. EST == Environmentalists are claiming victory following General Motors' decision to quit a lobbying group that has opposed a 1997 global warming treaty reached in Kyoto, Japan. Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler Corp. withdrew earlier.

"GM notified the Washington-based Global Climate
Coalition on Monday that it was ending its membership, GM spokesman Bill Noack said Tuesday.

"'GM's withdrawal (...) makes me hopeful that
opposition to real solutions is in permanent decline,' said John Passacantando, executive director of Ozone Action.

"'As the impacts of global warming worsen, it will
take increasing moral maturity on the part of our corporations and country to rise to the occasion,' said Sister Patricia Daly of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. 'General Motors' departure from the global warming skeptics is a step towards achieving this maturity.'

"GM remains opposed to the Kyoto agreement but
acknowledges that carbon dioxide buildup in the atmosphere could be changing the world's climate.

"The withdrawal 'really doesn't reflect any change
in our position,' Noack said from Washington. 'We continue to oppose the Kyoto Protocol.' (((In other words, GM is quitting the GCC, not because of any basic political disagreement, but strictly because the GCC stinks so badly. Even GM can't bear to remain on the public podium with such notorious liars.)))

"After the GM announcement, coalition Executive
Director Glenn Kelly said the group was restructuring and individual companies no longer could join. Instead, he said membership would consist only of trade associations." (...)

(((It's the old "you can't fire me, I quit" gambit.
The GCC doesn't even mention the defection of GM in their most recent website press release, preferring to spin their ongoing debacle as an intentional "restructuring.")))


"Move will focus debate on the real issues "GCC announces 2nd phase of strategic restructuring

"WASHINGTON, March 14, 2000 == The Global Climate Coalition today announced the implementation of the second stage of an ongoing strategic restructuring designed to streamline coalition operations and bring the focus of the climate debate back to the real issues.

"GCC Executive Director Glenn Kelly said that only
trade associations will be eligible for membership in the coalition, effective immediately.

(((It would be very interesting to see press reaction
from the folks at Allegheny Power, American Commercial Barge Line Co., Atlantic Richfield Coal Company, Baker Refineries, Bethlehem Steel, BHP Minerals, Chevron, Cinergy, CONRAIL, CSX Transportation, Inc., Cyprus-Amax, Drummond Company, Duke Power Company, Eastman Chemical, ExxonMobil, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Greencool, Hoechst Celanese Chemical Group, Illinois Power Company, Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp., McDonnell-Douglas, Norfolk Southern, Northern Indiana Public Serv. Co., Ohio Edison. Parker Drilling Company, TECO Energy Inc., USX Corporation, Union Carbide, and Union Pacific. Unless I misunderstand this GCC press release, all of these many corporations have just been unilaterally purged from the ranks of the GCC by Director Kelly.

(((Do they know this yet? Did they, in fact, even
know that they belonged to the GCC in the first place? It would certainly make a nice Viridian Individual Project for some Viridian to call the public relations offices of all these corporations. Ask them if they know that they have just been fired from the Global Climate Coalition. We Viridians would be extremely interested in knowing their response.)))

"Today's announcement comes on the heels of a news
conference held last week where the GCC unveiled its '21st Century Climate Action Agenda.' Kelly said that these strategic moves are part of a long-term initiative to refocus the public debate on climate policy to the issues at hand == namely, a policy contest between the unworkable Kyoto Protocol versus a more pragmatic and viable solution to the climate issue that relies on technology, innovation and American ingenuity.

(((Shouldn't that be "global" ingenuity?)))

"The GCC will continue to remain the leading voice for

U.S. businesses in the climate debate. With this restructuring, the coalition now represents nearly every sector of the U.S. economy, including agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, electricity generation, steel, transportation, cement, and small businesses." (((Just look at that amazing, bold lie! It's as if the GCC had suddenly gained representation in industry that they didn't already have, when in point of fact they've cut their losses by jettisoning half their membership.)))

"Although only trade associations are eligible for
membership, the coalition will continue to welcome support from other like-minded organizations." (((Better get those resume's in order; even the GCC's own personnel will have to leave it soon. Luckily for them, the Greenhouse denial industry is every bit as flourishing as creation- science; there's still plenty of room over at Heartland Institute, Greening Earth Society, Western Fuels Org, etc etc.)))

"'For too long, some have tried to make the GCC the
issue as an excuse for avoiding the hard question == is your solution to the climate question the Kyoto Protocol, or not,' Kelly asked.

(((We Viridians aren't among those "some." For the
record, we know that Kyoto is a joke. However, you in the GCC have no "excuse." You are enemies of the human race who have sold out our childrens' future for a lousy sixty million dollars a year. You reptiles should be answering "hard questions" in the dock as environmental war criminals, facing an impartial jury of Mozambican flood victims.)))

Source: Ozone Action

"Media Release
"For more information contact: "Christopher Ball, (202) 265-6738 "

"For Immediate Release
"March 14, 2000JJJJ


"General Motors Withdraws from Global Climate Coalition

"March 14, 2000. Today, General Motors announced its withdrawal from the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), the industry trade group best known for public relations campaigns designed to make the public doubt the reality of global warming.J

"This comes after a convergence of pressure on the
company from several student campaigns and the religious community: student groups from thirty five universities have called on their administrations to divest from GCC member companies; dozens of additional campuses have deployed a jobs boycott against GM; and religious shareholders have used the power of their retirement funds to persuade the company to stop its involvement in the misinformation on global warming.

"GMUs withdrawal follows that of BP-Amoco, Shell
Oil, and in the last four months, Ford Motor, Daimler- Chrysler, Texaco, and one of the nationUs largest energy companies, The Southern Company.J On Ford MotorUs departure, its spokesperson noted that 'Over time membership in the GCC has become an impediment to credibly achieving our environmental goals.' The departure of General Motors, the GCCUs largest corporate member, leaves the coalition without any auto-manufacturers. (...)

"TodayUs news comes just three days after the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report noting that this winter has been the warmest in the United States since the government began keeping records 105 years ago."

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