Subject: Viridian Note 00109: More Solar-powered Booze

Key concepts: wine-tasting, energy-correct consumer
products, massive holiday spikes in alcohol consumption

Attention Conservation Notice: Drinking even in moderation tends to be rather bad for you, while alcoholism is a serious illness.

Entries in the Viridian Solar Switchplate Contest: This contest expires in a week: November 20, 01999.

(((A rare piece of fugitive Sterling fiction will soon appear in Kim Chapple's DESIGNFAX magazine. I enjoy writing glittering literary short stories for mags that push O-rings, DC motors and every known form of gasket.)))

(((Fingers stained with ink, sweat flying from his head like an anime cartoon, the Viridian Pope-Emperor is downright forced to drink heavily in the heroic struggle to compose the earthshaking "Manifesto of January 3, 2000." I'm still searching for just the right solar- powered vintage, suitable for an across-the-board Viridian stamp of approval. I suppose that a biomass-powered vintage might do in a pinch. And for Christmas, how about one of those cute little laboratory glassware grappa-makers? They burn alcohol just like a fuel cell!)))

From:^^^^* (Micky
Subject: Re: Fetzer Wines

"You might want to try the organic wines from Fetzer under the Bon Terra Label. They cost a bit more, usually $13-$15 per bottle. The cabernet and the chardonnay aren't too bad.

"Fetzer has made a commitment to going totally organic, although their Fetzer label is not 100% organic because they use grapes not grown in their own vineyards. Fetzer can't produce enough grapes to make enough of the cheap stuff. I sometimes use the Sundial to make a wine spritzer."

From:* (Brad Westervelt)

"Be aware that Fetzer is right across the street from the headquarters of the 'Real Goods' company. Real Goods, as I'm sure all budget-strapped Green wannabes know, is a cool catalog to peruse, but it's very top dollar. It's full of with-it environmental products that you can usually find cheaper, somewhere else.

"Aloha from the wine country of the Santa Cruz Mountains."

(((Folks, let's take it as a given that we Viridians hanker for those expensive, top o' the line

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