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Viridian Note 00458: Global Viridian Linkfest
by Bruce Sterling
Key concepts
Climate change trends, George Deutsch, Ned Leonard, Chris Paynter, denial groups, Exxon-Mobil, creationists, Greenhouse fundamentalism, New Orleans, Katrina, New York snowfall, Homeland Security debacles, Canada, Georgia, Russia, Sweden.
Attention Conservation Notice:
A hemorrhage of time-consuming links that have piled up in the Viridian hopper. Could take all day. Maybe you're snowed in. Enjoy! earth/environment/2005_warmest.html
(((Nice colored map of the relatively-searing Arctic transformation here. I've heard tell that last year was the hottest year in over a hundred years. And in 1200 years. And in a million years.)))
Tough break for George Deutsch, the climate-denial and anti-evolution commissar who wormed his way, despite credentials, into NASA's public relations. "NASA, accused of censoring its scientists on global warming and the origin of the universe, pledged on Wednesday to reform its policies to ensure "open and full communications."
(((Of course, young George Deutsch is just one of many. Check out these scarifying fanatics "destroying scientific materialism" through their web activism. Bolsheviks couldn't be any more cocksure. They're the self-proclaimed "Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture.")))
(((That lethally mendacious astroturf title of theirs reminds me: I sure haven't heard much out of the "Greening Earth Society" lately.)))

(((Not getting a blink off the Greening Earth website today. Maybe they've gone the way of the Global Climate Coalition, only with even less fanfare.)))

(((Please let me know if you detect any public sign of Chris Paynter or Ned Leonard, former Greening Earth spinmeisters. Wherever they are, evil is occurring.)))

(((Meanwhile, having perhaps wrecked civilization, Exxon-Mobil at least made more money while doing it than any corporation in the history of capitalism. Grant Exxon this much; it was their money and power at stake, not sheer love of dumb Lysenkoist spite. I mean: if they killed us, at least they killed us for cash.)))
"Exxon Mobil reported Monday it earned more money in 2005 than any company, any year, ever. (...) On the strength of energy prices that hit all-time highs last year, Exxon Mobil earned $36.1 billion, equal to the gross domestic product of Croatia."

(((Who paid for Exxon's grand success? New Orleans, for one. Did you notice when the tornadoes hit New Orleans five months AFTER Katrina?)))
""Don't ever ask the question, `What else could happen?'" said Marcia Paul Leone, a mortgage banker who was surveying the new damage to her Katrina-flooded home." (((Look, Marcia: you need to ask that question. Other people have their cities at risk, too. And you're a mortgage banker!)))

Fifty years from now: the "Lost City of New Orleans," one among many.

Check this out: from now on, if an "act of nature," like a flood, wildfire, storm or levee breech, destroys your fossil-fueled rental car from Hertz, you have to pay the damage. Kind of says it all, doesn't it? The climate damage was distributed among everybody with a car-key, and now, so is the liability.

The Blizzard of '06, New York's biggest snowfall ever.

New York City happens to be remarkably vulnerable to hurricanes, mind you. Imagine a Ninth Ward Manhattan.

If the Homeland Security Department were underwater instead of the New Orleans, American emergency responses might actually improve. "Homeland Security" was invented during the Bush Administration, and it's Brownies top to bottom, folks.,8599,1159098,00.html
"Blinding lack of situational awareness and disjointed decision making needlessly compounded and prolonged Katrina's horror."

(((American climate-change politics: Blinding lack of situational awareness. Ideological Lysenkoism. Frenetic, obscurantist media campaigns. And ever-worsening unnatural disasters, with bills that can't be met.)))
"In many respects, our report is a litany of mistakes, misjudgments, lapses and absurdities all cascading together, blinding us to what was coming and hobbling any collective effort to respond." (((Journalism is the first draft of history: that's the American Greenhouse post-mortem, freshly written in the blood of New Orleans.)))

(((May I point out that the Canadians just elected a government that doesn't believe in climate change, either? Even though the good people of Canada are sitting right next to the thawing North Pole, and watching foreign ships zoom by their shores in areas that used to be ice?)))

(((And you, too, Australia, still impressively on fire and nevertheless shooting your scientific
messengers.))) australia-cannot-afford-to-silence-the-voice-of-science/2006/02/13/1139679531907.html
(((Which city is the "New Orleans of Australia," one idly wonders. Not that an Australian city will wash away, but it might well catch fire. "The New Orleans of Canada?" Gotta be ice-storms.)))
The awesome scale of the Greenhouse, by the numbers.

Certain evangelicals are realizing that climate change might hurt them, too.

Other evangelicals have it figured that angry skies looming over a baffled and terrified mankind are a major recruitment opportunity. Chapter and verse! It couldn't be any clearer!
"The God of the Bible proclaims to control the weather. In other scriptures He says He dries up rivers, controls the seas and works in the whirlwinds. He also says that He will curse a nation that refuses to obey His laws by turning the heaven into iron and the earth into brass. Men will spend their strength in vain trying to gain an increase. See Leviticus 26 and Isaiah 29:6.
"America, Britain, Australia and Canada are
experiencing these curses because God wants them to repent of their disobedience. Salubrious weather is a natural blessing that comes with obedience to God's laws. As long as His laws are trampled upon, God will continue to correct us so we will change our evil ways."
(((See that? We're seeing the emergence of Greenhouse Fundamentalism. It'll be very interesting to see the inevitable Fundie-Islamic spin on this same issue. Maybe if it were made clearer to them, with some cartoons.)))

(((Speaking of religion, nationalism, climate, and terror, imagine you are the nation of Georgia. Imagine that Muslim Chechnyan terrorists, or possibly a former superpower, or both, go out and blow up your natural-gas pipelines in the dead of winter. Well, that's a complete political and economic calamity. You've still got the Army, though, right? Kind of Khaki Green possibility there! However, it turns out the Army's no good, either.)))

(((No wonder non-state actors can yank you around by the pipelines, Georgia. Look at yourself. Thanks to fossil fuels, you're a state-collapse waiting to happen.)))

(((Russia, whose economy is fantastically corrupt, used to tremble at the hands of skeptical currency speculators. Now who cares about mere transparency? Russia sells gas and oil! So to hell with you, Soros, euro, dollar, yen, rupee, renminbi: we're Russia, and we can still sell gas and oil! In fact, if we took a leaf out of the Chavez book and turned into oil-selling COMMUNISTS, you'd STILL have to buy our oil. You know what? In 2006, oil's bigger than capitalism and democracy put together!)))

And Sweden... hey wow. Look at Sweden!
"Cancel That Apocalypse: The Oil Crisis is Over." refer=columnist_lynn&sid=aT231DpHFSIY

(((Nice to see the occasional apocalypse cancelled!)))

(((Just listen to the lucid, golden rhetoric of these Swedish bureaucrats.)))

"Climate change is the greatest and most important environmental challenge of our time. Most of the world's climate researchers agree that the Earth's climate system is changing == and in order to slow down these changes, emissions of greenhouse gases must be reduced. The Government is therefore setting a new policy target: the creation of the conditions necessary to break Sweden's dependence on fossil fuels by 2020."

(((Couldn't have recommended a better policy myself! Thank you, Sweden! 2020, eh? Wow, that's a mere eight years after the official date of the expiration of the Viridian Movement, in 2012!)))

(((Who would have thought, back in 1998, that by 2006, our arcane issues would be major news, around the planet, every dang day? Well, I did think that. But that's not what I wanted to see. What I wanted to see was intelligent awareness of the genuine scope of the problem, and effective response. And maybe, here and there, in growing bits and pieces, I'm seeing some.)))

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